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Police: Suspect shoplifted TVs

Man faces felony retail theft charges

A suspected shoplifter walked away with six televisions from a Butler store in the past two weeks, city police said.

In another trip to the same store, he allegedly stole two DVD players.

But David A. Riker’s illegal shopping spree ended Monday with his arrest, authorities said.

Police filed three felony cases against Riker, 38, who has no known address. He is in the Butler County Prison on $45,000 bail.

Riker first struck at the Kmart at the Pullman Square shopping plaza about 6 p.m. Aug. 30. Police believe he made his way to the garden center, unlocking and opening the exit door to test if the alarm was set.

When he found it was safe, he placed two RCA 32-inch TVs, valued at $280 each, into a shopping cart and left through the door, according to court documents.

The plan worked so well that he returned about two hours later, police said, stealing two more TVs — a Samsung 32-inch and a Seiki 24-inch, valued at a combined $420.

The television thefts were not discovered until Sept. 4.

But before Riker was identified as the suspect, he was back at the Kmart, this time stealing a pair of DVD players, valued at $30 each, documents said.

In that alleged theft about 9 p.m. Sept. 5, police said, he lifted those items above his head as he walked past the door’s electronic sensor to avoid setting off the alarms.

Riker returned again to the same store about 9:30 p.m. Sept. 10 and allegedly swiped two more televisions using the same technique as he did Aug. 30. Police said he carted away two more RCA models valued at $440 each.

All the suspected crimes were caught on store surveillance video. In all, Riker is charged with four felony counts of retail theft.

At the time of the recent thefts, Riker was free on his own recognizance stemming from his arrest in January in connection with another shoplifting incident at Pullman Square.

Police charged him with felony retail theft in the case after he was caught allegedly stealing a container of coffee creamer Dec. 29 at the Family Dollar store.

His criminal record, investigators said, showed two prior shoplifting convictions in New York.

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