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Butler County's great daily newspaper

The Butler Eagle has been reporting the daily news since 1870, bringing the facts, real stories of real events happening in our community and now we are here to bring you the voices to those stories. Each season is dedicated to bringing you local perspectives on a variety of topics we feel impact the day to day lives of our community. The Eagle is excited to enter the podcast world and bring the stories of Butler County to a whole new platform.



In the News
Tune in Monday, Feb. 5, for the first episode of the Butler Eagle’s new, weekly podcast — Alter Eagle. With episodes releasing every Monday and Wednesday, according to po...
February 01, 2024 Marketing
Butler Eagle’s new podcast launch features recovery experts, guest speaker Rep. Mike Kelly
January 25, 2024 Podcast
The Butler Eagle will present a new podcast — Alter Eagle — this month with a live preview Jan. 25 at Vintage Coffeehouse in downtown Butler. “The Alter Eagle is another ...
January 16, 2024 Local News
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