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Our Opinion
It’s heartbreaking that violence and threats of it at U.S. schools has become so commonplace over the years — but it’s great to see county schools obtaining funds to comb...
January 27, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
Allegheny Health Network will soon offer a new program in Butler County that combats the opioid epidemic and focuses on care for one of our most vulnerable populations — ...
January 26, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
When will it ever end? The long-suffering fans of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills took another kick to the head — or maybe it was a stampede of the big furry creatures Sunday in ...
January 25, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
It's been great to witness the outpouring of kindness toward others from some Butler County residents in recent weeks as initiatives aimed at helping others have drawn vo...
January 24, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
So we are to congratulate the backers of the latest forgiveness package to come out of Washington, D.C. The college loan get out of debt-free program. May we first stop ...
January 22, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
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