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Home Improvement
Confession time: I’ve murdered a Monstera, slaughtered a snake plant, assassinated an African violet and offed more orchids than I’d like to admit. It’s not that I don’t...
October 21, 2023 Special Sections
Home improvement season is in full swing. One area to remember to check during a home evaluation is the roof. With advanced technologies, ventilation needs, options for ...
June 20, 2023 Special Sections
Present in about 40% of homes in Pennsylvania, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, but it is easily detected and remediation is relatively inexpensive. ...
June 20, 2023 Special Sections
The start of summer also means the start of pest season. That means that while school children are back home for three months, there could also be some unwanted guests, s...
June 20, 2023 Special Sections
There’s plenty for a seller to consider when listing a home for sale, but one factor that could prompt a difference in thousands of dollars is timing. According to a 202...
April 20, 2023 Special Sections
With spring here and summer coming not long after, some homeowners in Butler County are starting to look to improve the outside of their home. There’s many ways to turn a...
April 12, 2023 Special Sections
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