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Our Opinion
A program at Summit Township Elementary School deserves high praise for both addressing food insecurity and getting youths interested in agriculture. The school has 17 ac...
January 29, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
Earth-shattering breaking news: Pennsylvania fails another health-related test. It seems that Pennsylvanians have a death wish. It is no secret that Pennsylvania has lon...
January 28, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
It’s heartbreaking that violence and threats of it at U.S. schools has become so commonplace over the years — but it’s great to see county schools obtaining funds to comb...
January 27, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
Allegheny Health Network will soon offer a new program in Butler County that combats the opioid epidemic and focuses on care for one of our most vulnerable populations — ...
January 26, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
When will it ever end? The long-suffering fans of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills took another kick to the head — or maybe it was a stampede of the big furry creatures Sunday in ...
January 25, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
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