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Butler County's great daily newspaper
January 29, 2022 Cartoons 0 Comments
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Our Opinion
A program at Summit Township Elementary School deserves high praise for both addressing food insecurity and getting youths interested in agriculture. The school has 17 ac...
January 29, 2022 Our Opinion 0 Comments
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Other Voices
Checked your stock portfolio or 401(k) balance recently? If so, you likely felt a sinking feeling in your stomach and worry over what to do next. You might well have seen...
January 29, 2022 Other Voices 0 Comments
In late 2021, the Biden administration officially declared it will diplomatically boycott the Beijing Olympics due to China’s horrendous human rights abuses. Although I r...
January 29, 2022 Other Voices 0 Comments
More and more of us are becoming political junkies looking for our next dopamine hit. Dopamine, that pleasure reward in our brain, is offered as encouragement for most pe...
January 28, 2022 Other Voices 0 Comments
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Letters to the Editor
I am writing in regard to the article, “For the birds,” on page 2 of the Monday, Jan. 10 edition of the Butler Eagle. I am writing to dispel some incorrect facts that wer...
January 27, 2022 Letters to the Editor 0 Comments
Joe Biden’s approval rating is 33%. That’s lower than President Trump’s rating at the same stage of his presidency. In a speech in Georgia, Biden who claimed he’d be unit...
January 26, 2022 Letters to the Editor 0 Comments
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