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February 24, 2024 Cartoons
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Our Opinion
A proposal made at a recent Mars Borough Council meeting to compensate businesses when the borough closes streets for events seems to misunderstand the purpose of communi...
February 24, 2024 Our Opinion
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Other Voices
The U.S. has about 46,000 troops stationed in 11 countries across the Middle East, with all the accompanying hardware and support. Those forces are not available elsewher...
February 24, 2024 Other Voices
Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of Russian despot Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, after Moscow’s military forces took control of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea...
February 24, 2024 Other Voices
The field of cancer biology is a mess. Signs of trouble emerged years before the most recent scandal, in which investigators found evidence of data manipulation in a slew...
February 23, 2024 Other Voices
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Letters to the Editor
It is with great interest that I write this letter. “The family-owned business” is a necessity in every community. We are also glad for our churches, which are badly nee...
February 17, 2024 Letters to the Editor
Am I the only one in Butler who sees the sale of the Butler Area Sewer Authority as a bad deal for ratepayers?! I have followed the sale in the Butler Eagle, but have see...
February 17, 2024 Letters to the Editor
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