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Home Improvement
The common insects found in Butler County yards, gardens and flower beds strike most people as creepy. They’ve got too many legs or waving antenna, or a tendency to sprea...
June 18, 2024 Special Sections
Summer time and the living is easy, just not for Butler County gardeners dealing with exploding populations of insect pests munching on their flower and vegetable gardens...
June 18, 2024 Special Sections
Time to clean the fridge, oven After the doldrums of a cold and gloomy winter, homeowners should take advantage of the improving weather and awakening landscape by fling...
April 03, 2024 Special Sections
Visitors to the Butler County Home Show will find fresh ideas and smart advice on home improvement, decorating and landscaping projects — all under one roof at the Family...
April 03, 2024 Special Sections
More than 100 experts share advice Experts staffing more than 100 exhibit booths will share advice and information on topics ranging from landscaping and kitchens to wind...
April 03, 2024 Special Sections
In November 2023, the United States Department of Agriculture released a revised, updated map of plant hardiness zones. The revised map may have implications for Butler C...
April 03, 2024 Special Sections
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