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Seeking Refuge
Every morning Irena Tkachenko starts her day the same way: by telephoning her relatives and friends in Ukraine to see if they are still OK. Tkachenko, her husband, and tw...
February 24, 2023 Local News
Three young Ukrainian families who escaped their war-torn hometown of Kharkov think the American holiday of Thanksgiving is a good time to say they cannot find the words ...
November 23, 2022 Local News
CRANBERRY TWP — Huge, steaming pots of homemade food and endless carafes of coffee and tea sustain 11 adults and children seeking refuge at the crowded Ehrman Farms home ...
July 16, 2022 Local News
When it comes to helping those in need, Butler County residents have proven their generosity again and again by donating amounts large and small straight from the heart. ...
June 20, 2022 Local News
Two young Ukrainian families are relieved to be watching the deer and chipmunks frolic on their hosts’ Cranberry Township lawn, and not wondering where the next bomb will...
June 18, 2022 Local News
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