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Home Improvement
There’s plenty for a seller to consider when listing a home for sale, but one factor that could prompt a difference in thousands of dollars is timing. According to a 202...
April 20, 2023 Special Sections
Show features 3 days of experts, exhibits, demonstrations and free admission You’ll find fresh ideas and smart advice on home improvement, decorating and landscaping proj...
April 12, 2023 Special Sections
With spring here and summer coming not long after, some homeowners in Butler County are starting to look to improve the outside of their home. There’s many ways to turn a...
April 12, 2023 Special Sections
Long gone are the shag carpets of the 1960s and 1970s as today’s customer is all about luxury vinyl tile, according to Robin Bowser, a sales representative at Butler Floo...
April 12, 2023 Special Sections
It's the late 1940s. World War II has ended, the Baby Boom is in full swing, and incomes are rising, making first-time homeownership possible for many. Cars are being mar...
April 12, 2023 Special Sections
Young children often think of seeds as “baby plants,” but how does one explain to a child how the seed becomes an actual plant? Teaching children about the composition of...
April 12, 2023 Special Sections
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