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Bridal Showcase
Madison Roxbury and her bridesmaids worked diligently the last week of December to set up for her wedding day. Roxbury, who works as the wedding and event manager for Ei...
January 03, 2024 Special Sections
With 23 years of experience working weddings, a Butler DJ said he knows to prepare for the unexpected, but admits he was surprised a few years ago when the groom was repl...
January 03, 2024 Special Sections
Just like the style of wedding gowns have changed drastically since the nuptials of the bride’s mother and grandmother, the music at wedding ceremonies, and the way it’s ...
January 03, 2024 Special Sections
Cash is king? 80% of engaged couples plan to have cash funds on their registry, according to top wedding website Zola. As couples increasingly marry after long relationsh...
January 03, 2024 Special Sections
In Grandma’s day, every wedding reception included a band to play the hits of the day and yesteryear as guests partied on the dance floor at the fire hall, but now disc j...
January 03, 2024 Special Sections
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