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Big Butler Fair Results: Junior 4-H

The following are first place winners from the Big Butler Fair, which ended Saturday.

Foods and Nutrition

4-Jar Display of Canned Goods, Nicole Michel, Renfrew

Poster - Bread Foreign Country, Zephan Samuel, Butler

Kitchen Chemistry Year 1, Zephan Samuel, Butler

Cooking 401 - Year 1, Jennifer Morrison, Valencia


Beginner - Apron, Alexis Hewitt, Beaver Falls

Pillow, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Tote, Ava Homze, Butler

Other Sewn Item, Jennifer Morrison, Valencia

Sampler, Alexis Hewitt, Beaver Falls

Applied Design, Nicole Michel, Renfrew

Textile Art Projects

Felting - Wet, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Spinning - Spun Single Strand, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Spinning - Wheel Single, Nicole Michel, Renfrew

Quilting - Beg. Table Runner, Jennifer Morrison, Valencia

Weaving - Beg. Item/Box Loom, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Weaving - Beg. 1 on Peg Loom, Emmalyn Schaffner, Butler

Weaving - Beg. 1 Rigid Heddle, Nicole Michel, Renfrew

Weaving - Int. Harness Loom, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Expressive Arts

Self Determined 13-18, Zephan Samuel, Butler

Expressive Arts - Item, Colton Schaffner, Butler

Leather Work - Beg., Ava Homze, Butler

Photography 2, Zephan Samuel, Butler

Conservation/Forestry Water Conservation Level 2, Zephan Samuel, Butler

Animal Science

Cavies, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Cats, Zephan Samuel, Butler


Wildlife Summer, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Wildlife Fall, Sarah Bupp, Butler

Wildlife Winter, Sarah Bupp, Butler

The Wildlife Detective, Sarah Bupp, Butler


Archery Intermediate, Zephan Samuel, Butler

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