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Prayer path is opportunity to reflect on blessings

I believe something poetic happened with your reporting. After the editorial asking for people to be nicer, you reported on the prayer path at Mount Chestnut Presbyterian Church and Ken Metrick's open invitation for people to come and use it. In subtle ways, God is always offering us opportunities to choose the best path for all physical, mental and spiritual health.

The energy anger creates increases blood pressure and heart rate and causes numbness and headaches. Psychologically, it triggers anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Spiritually, it fills our souls with bitterness, resentment and hatred — leaving no space for joy.

I hope many readers will turn off their TVs and social media and accept the invitation to reflect on all the blessings we receive daily and to feel gratitude for each day we are alive and able to do good. Meditate on the reality that everything — sorrow, happiness, politics — is temporary and will pass.

Peace, love and light to all.

Maria Swanson, Cranberry Township

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