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Everyone can teach teens safe driving habits

Thank you for the great article about teen driving and the campaign to help them slow down between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As I read it, I couldn't help but say kudos to Cranberry Township Police for their initiative to “Keep Kids Alive — Drive 25,” including using radar signs and increased police presence. Here are some other points to raise awareness among teens about safe driving habits.

Put the phone down!

Don't speed. There are walkers, runners, kids riding bikes and deer in and around many developments

Stop at all posted stop signs.

Don’t tailgate. Maintaining a safe distance is essential to allow for sudden stops or maneuvering.

Use turn signals. These devices are used to communicate your intentions to fellow drivers, and using them is respectful.

I was taught to drive by a parent who was a school bus driver, who always emphasized knowing my surroundings and driving defensively. My parent never said to give someone the finger or swear at other drivers when they offered guidance. Let's live and learn!

I am reaching out to every HOA, community police, township and borough supervisors and every parent of a teen driver. Let's be better examples of safe driving and ensure our teens form good driving habits correctly. Let's do this!

BK Miller, Mars/Adams Township

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