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Brett Brady wins 49th Butler Road Race 5-mile: See top times, photos from 5-mile, 2K races

Top times and personal records were hard to come by in Saturday’s Butler Road Race.

The heat and humidity played a big role in that, as most of the few hundred competitors focused instead on running with family, staying hydrated and just trying to enjoy the 2k and 5-mile races that began and ended at Diamond Park.

A pair of current and former Butler High School boys runners claimed the top men’s times in the 49th Annual Butler Road Race, with Golden Tornado grad Brett Brady, now at the University of Tennessee before he heads to flight school in Florida in August, comfortably winning the 5-mile in 25:51.71; and rising Butler senior Alex Depew crossing in 9:37.45 to win the 2K.

“Whenever I was eighth grade going into freshman (year), I ran this and I got second to a college kid,” Depew said. “So I felt like I had to redeem myself this year running it while I was still in high school.”

On the women’s side, Caitlin Rushlander won the 5-mile in 34:39.85 while Mandy James crossed in 12:45.49 for the top female time in the 2K.

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Runners in the 2k portion of the Butler Road Race start their race at Diamond Park on Saturday, June 22. Morgan Phillips/Butler Eagle

“I trained this week in the heat to try to get first, so I was happy with the outcome,” James said.

Rushlander, a former runner at North Hills High and Clarion University, has run “many” Butler Road Races, which is organized by the Butler YMCA. But this year was her first with her two oldest daughters competing in the 2K. Sadie Rushlander, 8, had the second-fastest female time (13:59.96) and called the run “awesome.” Hannah Rushlander finished in 17:18.96 for eighth.

“I had a great time, I was able to push myself and I definitely wanna come back and do this again because it’s good for the whole family,” said Caitlin Rushlander, who lives in Mars and said it was “very” enjoyable to run with her daughters. “They actually liked it (today, in the heat), that was impressive to me.”

Brady returned to his hometown for a few days to run this race and catch up with family and former coaches before he wraps up his master’s degree at Tennessee in aerospace engineering.

He had lunch with former coach Rick Davanzati, who is retiring after 19 years as Butler’s cross country coach and more as its track and field distance coach.

“It just felt good to do it here, just enjoy it,” Brady said.

Mandy James celebrates crossing the finish line at the Butler Road Race at Diamond Park on Saturday, June 22. Morgan Phillips/Butler Eagle


5 Mile (Male Top 10)

1. Brett Brady, 25:51.71; 2. Konnor Allison, 26;44.17; 3. Nick Gallo, 29:50.23; 4. Devin Fitz, 30:36.68; 5. Logan Rogers, 31:18.11; 6. Travis Simpson, 31:45.22; 7. Colton Rearick, 32:49.46; 8. Ron Liscio Jr., 33:03.96; 9. Keenan Barlow, 33:32.68; 10. Jacob Szul, 33:43.43.

5 Mile (Female Top 10)

1. Caitlin Rushlander, 34:39.85; 2. Fallon Bright, 39:01.90; 3. Allison Schmidt, 41:47.21; 4. Selena Ohler, 42:33.94; 5. Brooke Griffith, 43:05.71; 6. Casey Clouse, 43:47.61; 7. Carrie Tomon, 44:04.21; 8. Sarah Hokanson, 44:21.46; 9. Addison Portman, 44:53.96; 10. Kosie Shepherd-Porada, 45:46.11.

2K (Male Top 10)

1. Alex Depew, 9:37.45; 2. Bryson Myrlie, 11:12.92; 3. Tommy Bayne, 11:13.94; 4. Finn Hokanson, 11:27.69; 5. David Bruni, 12:09.32; 6. Mitch Radella, 12:54.19; 7. Derrick Henderson, 13:44.78; 8. Joseph Pohl, 14:24.96; 9. Carter Shulik, 14:52.14; 10. Brian Regis, 14:55.40.

2K (Female Top 10)

1. Mandy James, 12:45.49; 2. Sadie Rushlander, 13:59.96; 3. Leah Radwanski, 15:00.67; 4. Kallie Simmons, 15:30.27; 5. Chloe Schaefer, 15:39.71; 6. Isabelle Fesler, 15:49.57; 7. Lauren Regis, 17:02.96; 8. Hannah Rushlander, 17:18.96; 9. Grace Peth, 17:37.46; 10. Cynthia Reddick, 18:07.67.

Brett Brady is the first 5-mile runner to cross the finish line during the Butler Road Race at Diamond Park on Saturday, June 22. Morgan Phillips/Butler Eagle

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