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Butler Cubs Amateur Boxing Show to feature 13 bouts Saturday: Who’s fighting, tickets and more

Young Butler Cibs boxer Eric Hixon, left, holds the heavy bag as Derek Eggleton works out Wednesday night at the Cubs boxing gym. Both will be in action during the Cubs’ annual amateur boxing show Saturday night in the facility’s gym. John Enrietto/Butler Eagle

Six Butler Cubs boxers are on the card — five fighting in Butler for the first time — as the annual Butler Cubs Amateur Boxing Show takes place Saturday night in the facility’s gym.

The bouts begin at 7:30 p.m. The event serves as the boxing program’s annual fundraiser.

Cubs fighters on the card include 11-year-old Eric Hixon (0-1), Derek Eggleton (14), Riley McGee (15), Leland Anderson (17), Chris Karenbauer and Darren Hildebrand (both 22). Karenbauer is making his amateur boxing debut.

None of the Cubs boxers on the card have more than four amateur bouts. None of their opponents have more than three.

“These are evenly-matched fights,” Cubs boxing trainer Billy Wolfe said. “All of these fights should be close. They could all be main events. Good competition is what we want.”

Longtime Cubs boxing manager Don Spinetti agreed.

“This is a sporting event. Nobody wants to see one guy dominate and beat up another, That’s not what amateur boxing is all about.,” Spinetti said. “All of the trainers at these gyms know each other.

“We’ve been to their place to do sparring, they’ve come to do some sparring here. Nobody is going to put any of his boxers in jeopardy by putting him in a mismatch.”

Saturday night marks the 50th Cubs boxing show for Spinetti. He began working with Cubs boxers in 1974 as an assistant to Rich Gregory. Before long, he took over the program himself.

Spinetti mainly stays in the background these days, but former boxers Wolfe, Seth Bartmas, Dan Kestan, J.P. Peth and Ryan Covert have stepped in to help keep the program going.

But Spinetti is still in the boxing gym with the fighters night after night,.

“I got involved working with kids and that’s what’s kept me at it — the kids,” he said. “I’ve probably worked with 1,000 kids over the years. Billy thinks it’s more than that.”

Wolfe is confident the Cubs fighters will put on a good show.

“We’ve prepared them. They’re in shape and ready to go,” Wolfe said. “You never know what’s gonna happen, but our guys will step into the ring and do the best they can.”

Tickets are $20 and there is no pre-sale. All tickets will be sold at the door.


Amateur Fight Card

June 22

Christian Jennings (Schorchin, Johnstown) vs. Leland Anderson (Butler Cubs), 100 pounds

Mason Camper (Schorchin, Johnstown) vs. Eric Hixon (Butler Cubs), 70 pounds

Alan Williams (Foundation) vs. Xoron Radawicz (G Force), 135 pounds

Unknown opponent (Boards Boxing) vs. Derek Eggleton (Butler Cubs), 185 pounds

Merik Land (Ashtabula) vs. Aiden Bollinger (Ellwood City), 135 pounds

Colin Schragel (G Force) vs. Chris Karenbauer (Butler Cubs), 147 pounds

Jordan Bell (Boards Boxing) Ruiley McGee (Butler Cubs), 125 pounds

Jose Alecia (Ashtabula) vs. Darren Hildebrand (Butler Cubs), 176 pounds

Evan Cupps (NAC) vs. Unknown opponent (Ellwood City), 125 pounds

Joe Davis (Ashtabula) vs. Brandon Davis (Anchor), heavyweight

Anthony Veezia (NAC) vs. Nico Froce (Foundation), 145 pounds

Nico Jackson (Ashtabula) vs. Jordan Carr (Beaver), 185 pounds

Ivan Troutman (Wick City) vs. Calvin Ronicki (Boyce), 135 pounds

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