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Buddhist monks travel through Butler County on journey for world peace

Four Buddhist monks pause for a break as they walk through Chicora on Wednesday, June 19. The group is making its way to Niagara Falls, N.Y. Submitted photo

Waving a white and blue flag as they walk along the streets of Butler County, Buddhist monks part of the group Walk for World Peace make their way through Butler County on Tuesday, June 18 and Wednesday.

Residents in Karns City spotted the group of monks walking along Route 68 past Karns City Area Jr./Sr. High School in the afternoon.

Started in 2019, the group has done several annual walks that take approximately 90 days to complete. Walks from Italy to Norway and Clearwater to Kissimmee, Fla. are a few examples.

On Wednesday, the monks started at Ambrose Farm Market in Winfield Township and they planned to conclude their day in Foxburg, Clarion County, hiking a total of 29 miles despite the heat.

“We try to let them know that they are peaceful,” Walk for World Peace member Suthim Chuaypradit said.

Despite the heat wave passing through Butler County throughout the week, the monks continued to walk through the county. Every half mile, cars carrying supplies stop and give the group water.

“In this kind of weather, you need waters,” Chuaypradit said.

However, the event members said that the weather in Pennsylvania is not as difficult as the mountainous terrain.

“[We’re] trying to show the world we keep walking peaceful. We don’t fight,” Chuaypradit said. “If everyone helps together, I think we can do it.”

The group’s goal, as indicated on social media, is to promote world peace through their travels.

You can follow the monks on their journey to Niagara Falls, N.Y. at Walk for World Peace on Facebook.

According to the group’s Facebook page, as they started their journey on Wednesday, they had traveled a total of 1,724.7 miles over the course of this and other ventures.

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