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Thanks to anonymous woman who treated Marines to breakfast

On May 17, our detachment had the opportunity to present the colors at the Walmart grand reopening. Afterwards, as I was walking across the parking lot to my vehicle, a lady approached and asked if our group was going to have breakfast. I told her yes and she said, “Here, this is for breakfast” as she handed me two $20 bills.

As I was at a loss for words, my response was less than desirable and I failed to get her name. Before I recovered my composure, she was gone.

On behalf of Carl, Stan, Mike and myself, we really appreciated her gesture. We went right to Valley Dairy and had an enjoyable meal. If that woman reads this, I hope she will view our Facebook page: There’s a photo of us sitting at our table. We had no problem convincing our server to take it.

Once again, to the lady in the parking lot, we thank you and greatly appreciate your kind gesture.

Jim McMullen, Adjutant, Bantam Marine Detachment 743, Butler

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