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Marriage Licenses

The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:

Brandi Green and Justin Miller, both of Mars

Megan Carnahan of Slippery Rock Township and Trevor Young of Grove City, Mercer County

Nicholas McGinley and Misti Melhorn, both of Summit Township

Dennis Ostrowski and Susan Ostrowski, both of Seven Fields

Nicole Van Den Bosch and Samuel Gruber, both of Cranberry Township

Steven Gierlack and Ashley Jacobs, both of Evans City

Courtney Stofcheck and Derek Wissinger, both of Goodlettsville, Tenn.

Diana Bossart and Emery Morris, both of Cranberry Township

Kellie Patz and Charles Crawford II, both of Harrisville

Chelsea Kerry of Harmony and Stefen Firmstone of Greensburg, Westmoreland County

Ryan Markel of East Brady, Clarion County, and Holly Keeper of Butler Township

Lindsay McDonald and Jesse Allan, both of Tarentum, Allegheny County

David Youngblood and Ella Kline, both of Butler

Brendon Sheaffer and Meshell Branan, both of Worth Township, Mercer County

Sean Comperatore and Samara Saeler, both of Butler

Lucas Carter and Kimberly Nutter, both of Cranberry Township

Michael Fiore and Lauren Pelgrin, both of Holly Springs, N.C.

Fina Abramovitz and Cody Schmitt, both of Adams Township

Katlyn Crosby and Ryan Augustine, both of Butler

Kevin King and Lauren Bowser, both of Donegal Township

Michael Little and Mary McGrady, both of Fairview Township

Christopher Brewer of Cranberry Township and Mary Newcomer of Ross Township, Allegheny County

Morgan Snyder and Eric Rodriguez, both of Newark, Del.

Shawn Winters of Ambridge, Beaver County, and Mandy Henninger of Lancaster Township

James Thompson IV of Parker Township and Kimberlee Shoemaker of North Mahoning Township, Indiana County

Noah Wilson of Franklin Township and Camie Coleman of Clearfield Township

Lauren Ferguson and Matthew Gregory, both of Cranberry Township

Brian Donnelly and Kristin Romutis, both of McCandless Township, Allegheny County

Jonus Fair of New Kensington, Westmoreland County, and Madison Crytzer of Winfield Township

Wesley Fichter and Justina Gombos, both of Winfield Township

Frank Knight III of Alachua, Fla., and Donna McGraw of Tarentum, Allegheny County

Troy Arlof of Baden, Beaver County, and Grace Strobel of Butler Township

Bernard McKinney and Janet Fortino, both of Middlesex Township

Dylan Young and Sarah Rodgers, both of Winfield Township

Kendall Stump and Ozzy Sherrod, both of Ravenna, Ohio

Benjamen Hassler and Mikaela Dunkle, both of Venango Township

Evan Gray and Katherine Riffo, both of Bridgeville, Allegheny County

Chloe Kuffer and Jacob Stebbins, both of Zelienople

Carrie Sander and Jason Dembowski, both of Hampton Township, Allegheny County

Karlie Malone of Butler Township and Brandon Pappalardo of Pittsburgh

Nathen Kuriger and Kayla Seybert, both of Clearfield Township

Henry May and Allison Salt, both of McCandless Township, Allegheny County

Joel Broad and Emily Leith, both of Franklin Township

Brendan Thomas and Ashlee Rua, both of Butler

William Saunders and Nicole Jenkins, both of Pittsburgh

Cody Davanzati and Rachel Lee, both of Center Township

Nathan Semes and Yara Gracindo, both of Butler Township

Gabriella Stewart of Washington Township and Matthew Novad of North Beaver Township, Lawrence County

James Frances of Butler and Shannon Simpson of Winfield Township

Dennis DeFranciscis and Lorie Frederick, both of Mercer Township

Jesse Mikita and Eden Cochran, both of Summit Township

Maggie Reimers and Logan Maxwell, both of Center Township

Marcus Crawford and Sarah Goldscheitter, both of Butler Township

Mason Peters and Klyssa Sanders, both of Ellwood City, Lawrence County

Brandon Stadelmyer and Rachel Welch, both of Cranberry Township

Jason Alexander of Butler Township and Michelle Means of Fayette County

Joshua Schreiber and Grace Sines, both of Harmony

Raven Hedrick and Reegan Hanley, both of Butler

Spencer Hagen of Beaver, Beaver County, and Kathryn Eberhar of Archibald, Lackawanna County

David Pazzaglia of Cranberry Township and Lamis Khalil of Robinson Township, Allegheny County

Gary Wigfield and Joan Harmon, both of Butler

Dawson Davenport of Butler and Morgan Matheny of Butler Township

Jacob Mley and Tara Savage, both of Connoquenessing Township

Ericka Warvell and Marcus Burrows, both of Cranberry Township

Courtney Gankosky and Kristopher Brown, both of Chicora

Zachariah Haines and Mackenzie Stewart, both of Mars

Brandon Ross and Hannah Weyman, both of Jackson Township

Sarah Brennfleck and Nicklas Krelow, both of Penn Township

Stephen Beacom Jr. and Jamie Motley, both of Fairfax, Va.

Sarah Schattauer and Michael Wiegand, both of Penn Township

Jonathan Peterson and Kellie Houston, both of Butler

Zachary Henderson and Ashley Nicklas, both of Butler Township

Malaina Fullmer of Ellwood City, Lawrence County, and Samuel Hahn of Valencia

Tara Palermo and Jason Martin, both of Prospect

James Glaser and Sandra Jerich, both of Clinton Township

Joseph Thacker of Concord, N.C., and Alyssa Kostka of Harmony

Tristen Kunk and Ashley Sonick, both of Middlesex Township

Jeffrey Locke and Cheryl Byers, both of Clinton Township

Olivia Wiest and Mitchell Mathews, both of Butler Township

William Henry and Mickala Labate-Watterson, both of Franklin Township

Brayden Peppo of Harrison Township, Ohio, and Evalyn Summers of Slippery Rock Township

Motaz Dahdouh of Olmsted, Ohio, and Nora Mallik of Zelienople

Branon Yobst of Adams Township and Madison Colville-Nicolazzo of Penn Township

Brady Randall of Butler Township and Ashley Wolf of Butler

William Stevens of Boice, Idaho, and Emily Raine of Franklin Township

Kaleb Eshenbaugh and Alexis Wheeler, both of Oakland Township

Julia Lobdell and Dylan Loeffler, both of Slippery Rock

Jesse Peters of Butler Township and Molly Donahue of Clay Township

Thayle McGinnis Jr. of Chicora and Irish Cuento of Maigo, Philippines

Shelton Brower of Marion Township and Brynn Graybill of Wolf Creek Township, Mercer County

Sundah Sohail of Evans City and Haseeb Ali of Levittown, N.Y.

Thomas Starr of Allegheny Township, Westmoreland County, and Soriah Everhard of Butler Township

Matthew Gibson of Parker and Janet Greiner of Bruin Township

Samuel Benyi Jr. and Alicea Christy, both of Buffalo Township

Michael Conlon of Slippery Rock Township and Jennifer Mansell of Youngstown, Ohio

Gary Stephenson and Jodie Dull, both of Clinton Township

Brian Beil and Jamie Ball, both of Adams Township

Hunter Gallagher and Paris Durbin, both of Zelienople

Sean Fouts and Gina Weber, both of Adams Township

Rachel Miloser of Shenango Township, Lawrence County, and Nikolas Berry of Cranberry Township

Heather Bolton and Michael Martin, both of Cranberry Township

John Montgomery III and Ashley Cramer, both of Butler

Gavin Terwilliger and Olivia Critchlow, both of Butler Township

Robert Andreone Jr. of Lancaster Township, Butler County, and Katherine Roberts of of Lancaster Township, Lancaster County

Tyler Koach and Julia Baxter, both of Harmony

Christopher Pitzer Sr. and Kaylee Polis, both of Penn Township

Braden Hilliard and Julie Matarazzo, both of Gainesville, Fla.

Michael Lock and Christina Endlish, both of Adams Township

Matthew Strother and Olivia Hilty, both of Gilpin Township, Armstrong County

Michael Lynn of White Township, Indiana County, and Jessica Markle of Butler Township

Scott Christie and Mary Batten, both of Fairview Township

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