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What to expect from second Trump presidency?

What could we expect from a second presidential term for Donald Trump? Instead of looking at what he promises now, it would be better to look at what he promised and delivered the last time he was president:

Trump promised “on Day One” to replace Obamacare with something that was much better and less expensive — didn’t happen.

Trump promised to bring back the coal industry — didn’t happen. Instead, the coal industry lost 24% of its workforce during his presidency.

Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs — didn’t happen. Manufacturing jobs fell during his presidency.

Trump promised to end tax loopholes for the rich, and that his reforms would personally “cost me a fortune” — didn’t happen. Instead, Trump cut taxes on the rich, and then added special tax breaks for real estate developers, like himself.

Trump promised to build a border wall, and make Mexico pay for it — didn’t happen. During his presidency, Trump built 458 miles of border fencing along the 2000 mile Mexico border, but the vast majority of the construction took place in areas where there already was an existing barrier. Americans paid $15 billion for the wall sections, which are already falling apart.

During his last presidency, Donald Trump didn’t keep a single one of his major promises. Why should we believe him this time?

Ron Lalonde, Harmony

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