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Trump being treated unfairly

As we near the November presidential election, it's a full-court press to stop President Donald Trump by any means.

The biased mainstream media and strategically picked Democrat-controlled court systems are subduing Trump’s exposure to voters. Frivolous statements from Trump taken out of context cleverly portray Trump as a modern-day heartless dictator.

A recent interview by CBS’s Norah O’Donell with Pope Francis countered Trump’s animus toward illegal immigration suggesting that Biden’s open border policies are kind and compassionate.

Trump’s opponents are now using the lure of free money to buy votes from young adults who owe billions in college tuition.

Biden is depleting our emergency fuel reserves to lower gas prices to quell the anxiety of high inflation. The fear and anxiety of Trump beating Biden has risen to such a level that Trump haters will not hesitate to snuff out Trump’s and the voter's right to a fair election.

George Pikoulas, Butler

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