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Knoch seniors recognized at awards night

Knoch High School seniors were recognized at the school’s Annual Awards Night for Seniors on May 13, with a total of $215,000 in scholarships being awarded. The South Butler County Scholarship Foundation awarded approximately $130,000.

American Legion 683 — Gretchen Foehringer, Riley Gillis

Chester H. (Hank) Paul Memorial Scholarship — Alicia McDonald

Chelsea Lausberg Memorial Scholarship — Olivia Klabnik

Deaner Scholarship — Avangeline Santora

Diane Feo International Career Award Riley Gillis

Donald Orwald Memorial Scholarship — Ian Squyres

Dr. John & Dr. Roberta Malobicky Scholarship — Macrina Robb, Riley Gillis, Emily Greb

Fred Gentile Memorial Scholarship — Reed Curry, Sarah Mitchell, Adah Fuller

Galbreth Family Memorial Scholarship — Logan Yesconis

Geraldine Freehling Memorial Art Scholarship — Marina Smith

Jacob Loyal Herrit Scholarship — Avangeline Santora

Jeff Laidlaw Memorial Scholarship — Avangeline Santora, Sierra Mock

Jeff Porch Memorial Scholarship Hunter Essary, Serena Horstman

Jim Painter Memorial Athletic Scholarship — Serenity Kosecki, Sidney Young

John J. Duke Memorial Scholarship — Riley Gillis

Louis H. & Lola M. Fox Memorial Scholarship Brooke Galcik, Madison Hunt

Mark Boring Memorial Scholarship Sierra Mock

Phillip Kale Memorial Scholarship — Gretchen Foehringer, Alaina Fields

Ralph S. & Betty Thrower Memorial Scholarship Olivia Klabnik

Rege Schiebel Memorial Scholarship — Riley Gillis

Reldon & Hattie Cooper Charitable Scholarship Abigail Hawk, Spencer Riemer, Lara Ejzak, Sidney Young, Lindsey Zill

Ronald A. Hilgert Memorial Scholarship Gretchen Foehringer

Saxonburg Area Rotary Club Mackenzie Gumto

Tim McNerney All State Memorial Scholarship — Olivia Klabnik, Reed Curry, Keir Morris, Sarah Mitchell, Sierra Mock

Foundation Excellence Awards:

The following students were named top of their class and received Foundation Excellence Awards: Macrina Robb, Emily Greb, Lindsey Greb, Paige Wilson, Zachery Fuerst, Samuel Crosby, Reed Curry, Sarah Mitchell, Riley Gillis, Braydon Esplen, Quinlin Howison, Brooke Galcik, Avangaline Santora, Damian Winters, Lara Ejzak, Laurel Hull, Alicyn Rhodes, Dara Patten, Lindsey Zill, Trianna Walls, Cameron Tarker, Emma Haugh, Abigail Hawk, Logan Yunn, Hunter Essary, Serenity Kosecki, Sidney Young, Sarah Fleishner, Mackenzie Gumto, Shiane Chalkley, Ava Breese, Spencer Riemer, Elijah Ruediger, Cassidy Horgan, Natalie Anderson, Travis Dannu and Naturelle Ewing.

Private scholarship recipients:

Alex Summers Foundation Riley Gillis, Abigail Hawk

American Legion Auxiliary Post 683 Alicyn Rhodes, Serenity Kosecki

Armco Credit Union — Riley Gillis, Gretchen Foehringer

Butler Elks Lodge — Riley Gillis, Gretchen Foehringer, Sarah Mitchell

Butler Rotary Club Regis Schiebel Annual Scholarship — Makenzie Gumto

Dave Bracco Athletic Director Award Brynne Smith, Braden Wozniak

Eugene & Laura Behrens Memorial Scholarship — Lindsey Greb

Frank W. Preston Memorial Scholarship — Emily Greb

George H. Aderhold Scholarship Laurel Hull, Riley Gillis, Emily Greb, Quinlin Howison

Saxonburg District Women's Club Hazel Roenigk Scholarship — Sarah Mitchell

GFWC Saxonburg District Women's Club Jackie Bice Memorial Scholarship — Serena Horstman

Jim Collins WPIAL Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Lindsey Greb

Lillian Heck Scholarship — Serenity Kosecki

Tzu Chii Scholarship — Serena Horstman

SWE Certificate of Merit — Macrina Robb

Local Growers — Carsen Traggiai, Layla Schwickrath

Mia Freyermuth Memorial Scholarship — Sidney Young

Nancy C. Gillman Memorial Scholarship Gretchen Foehringer

Royal Grange 1972 — Serena Horstman, Sierra Mock, Brynne Smith, Gretchen Foehringer

Saxonburg Area Business Associates Scholarship — Lindsey Zill, Reed Curry

Saxonburg Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary 7376 — Hunter Essary

Knoch Educational Support Personnel Scholarship — Reed Curry, Riley Gillis

Knoch Fine Arts Scholarship Tyler Belak

National School Orchestra Award Marina Smith

PMEA Music Education Scholarship — Ian Squyres, Marina Smith

Spanish Club Scholarship Lindsey Zill, Serenity Kosecki

Starwood Scholarship — Sierra Mock

Tri-Athlete Award — Jacob Fox, Brooke Galcik, Abigail Hawk

Vivian Miller Scholarship — Hunter Essary

Shirley M. and Carl F. and Tackett, Lucie Q. and John W. Tackett Scholarship —

Layla Schwickrath, Riley Gillis

WoodmenLife Scholarship Spencer Riemer

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