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75 years and going strong

Krendale Golf Course enjoying significant anniversary season

BUTLER TWP — Krendale Golf Course is celebrating its 75th birthday this season — and family is still taking care of it.

Here is a look at the island green on the West course at Krendale Golf Course in Butler. Morgan Phillips/Butler Eagle (5/22/2024)

The original nine holes were put in by Joseph Krenitsky Sr. and his brother-in-law, Steve Napora, in 1949. The facility used to be a dairy farm.

“All of the Naporas — Steve, John and Nick — were great golfers,” current Krendale owner Eric Krenitsky said. “John played golf with Walter Hagen. Golf began to grow in popularity after World War II and Steve talked my grandfather into building a golf course.

“If not for those two, this place wouldn’t be here.”

Krendale eventually grew into a 27-hole course before the North nine were taken out a few years ago. It now offers West and South courses of nine holes each.

Mark Krenitsky remains involved with the course as well. Krendale has always been in the Krenitsky family. Eric’s aunt, Donya Brockway, helps out in the clubhouse these days.

“She used to live out of town and when her husband passed away, she decided to come home,” Eric said. “We’re thrilled to have her here.”

Bob McFeaters, who ran the former Shamrock course in Slippery Rock years ago, has been superintendent at Krendale for roughly 10 years.

“Bob does a tremendous job keeping this course in shape,” Eric said.

Krentisky said his favorite hole on the course is the No. 8, 131-yard par-3 that features an island green. It was built in 1988.

“That’s been the most popular hole here for a while,” he said.

Krendale does play host to a few leagues, most notably the Tri-Boro Golf League, which dates back into the 1960s. While tee times are accepted, golfers can show up at the course and get on most of the time.

The course is also known for its wildlife. Many cranes can be sighted during a round of golf there, along with hawks, geese, foxes, ducks, turtles and fawns.

“We have quite an array of wildlife out there,” Krenitsky said.

The longest hole on the course is the 512-yard par 5 No. 1 hole on the West. The West also features a 501-yard No. 7 hole. The longest hole on the South course is 485 yards. The aforementioned 131-yard No. 8 hole on the West is the shortest hole on the course.

“This golf course is important to people and I never want to forget that,” Krenitsky said. “When people leave this course, they’ve had a good time. This place has a positive impact on people and that’s what I’m the most proud of.”

Krendale offers a senior discount to golfers 60 or older. It also offers discount rates to golfers who begin a round after 2 p.m. There are times golfers can play the course walking for less than $20.

“It’s wonderful working with family, especially for the amount of years the course has been here,” Krenitsky said. “There’s Butler Country Club, Hiland ... I don’t know of any other courses in the county that have been around as long as we have.”

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