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Remembering America’s heroes

This weekend of remembrance is important to all of us, as it is a time to honor the heroes who sacrificed so much for our freedoms. It is also a time to honor the sacrifices of their families who stood stoically, bravely, by their side. It is a time to share their stories, those special moments that linger in our hearts.

Since the American Revolution, brave men and women have fought to secure and maintain our independence. Wars have taken our fathers, brothers, sons, sisters, mothers and daughters to far-off continents to fight against tyranny and oppression. With many never returning home. Their stories left untold.

At the VA, we have the privilege of serving America’s heroes providing them with world-class health care and earned benefits. We have the honor of hearing their stories. We have the privilege of standing by their side, along with their loved ones, providing comfort as they take their last breath and are laid to rest.

This Memorial Day, please take time to remember and honor all those who have died in service to this great nation during peace and war. Take time to share memories and stories of their lives with family and friends so that the legacy of these brave individuals can live on.

Sharon Coyle, Director, Butler VA Health Care System

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