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Everyone needs to be careful on the road

I am writing concerning an editorial in the May 6 edition, “Motorists can prevent heartbreak by remaining alert.” We see signs informing us to watch for motorcycles, however some motorcyclists do not always watch traffic very closely.

According to the article in the April 30 edition, it looks like neither of these heartbreaking crashes were the fault of the other driver. One happened because the motorcyclist was attempting to pass a pickup and clipped its rear bumper and the other happened when the motorcyclist struck the rear of the vehicle in front of it. I am not saying that the motorcyclist is always wrong, but the other person is not always at fault either.

I look for motorcycles because they are not seen as easily as other traffic. I lost one brother to a motorcycle crash and another brother lost one of his legs in a motorcycle crash, so I personally know the heartbreak. Both crashes were their fault.

Losing a family member to any crash is heartbreaking; just because the crash involved a motorcycle does not make it any worse.

We should watch for all vehicles.

Patty Altman, Hilliards

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