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Pickleball players speak, township reacts

Pickleball players use the pickleball courts at Adams Township Community Park on Tuesday April 23, 2024. Justin Guido/Special to the Eagle

The residents of Adams Township spoke, and their elected leaders listened.

That’s how it should work, and that’s how it did work on Monday, May 13, at the regular township supervisors meeting.

During that meeting, supervisors’ chairman Russell Ford announced the township had reversed its decision to install a synthetic surface at the four new pickleball courts planned for Adams Township Community Park.

Prior to an article in the Eagle, there was only one complaint, he said, but following the report, the supervisors said there were more complaints.

Initially only one complaint from such a large and growing community of pickleball players wasn’t enough to sway their decision — and that may be rightfully so.

But upon the additional concerns, the supervisors changed their plans.

“The public spoke, we looked into it, and we figured this might be a good alternative,” Ford said of the new material chosen for the courts.

The previous plan involved placing a waffle-shaped synthetic material placed atop a concrete base. This is how the township’s four existing pickleball courts are set up.

The new plan is to use an asphalt surface. It addresses the complaints, and the adjustment may actually save money, one of the supervisors said.

We applaud those elected leaders who took time to listen to the residents and made a change to their plan. It appears to be a win-win in this case.

— TL

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