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4 county athletes get KSAC MVP honors

Four Butler County athetes received Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference MVP honors in their respective spring sports.

Karns City’s Zach Kelly was named Co-Boys Tack MVP with North Clarion’s Mason Burford. Union/A-C Valley’s Hayden Smith was named Boys Field MVP.

On the girls side, Union-A-C Valley’s Hannah Ithen was named Co-Field MVP with Brenna Armstrong of North Clarion. Karns City’s Jada Polczynski was named Softball MVP.

The complete KSAC first team all-star list follows:


1st team

100-Zach Kelly (Karns City), 200-Logan Skibinski (ACV/Union), 400-Kaydin Wilson (Karns City), 800-Griffin Booher (Karns City), 1,600-Johnny Hansford (Keystone), 3,200-Johnny Hansford (Keystone)

110 hurdles-Mason Burford (North Clarion), 300 hurdles-Drew Slaugenhaupt (Keystone

400 relay-Union/ACV (Logan Skibinski, Dawson Camper, Aidan Fox, Hayden Smith, Michael Yerkey); 1,600 relay-Karns City (Kaydin Wilson, Carter Farren, Griffin Booher, Zach Kelly); 3,200 relay-North Clarion (Jonas Wilshire, Dane Sliker, Wyatt Boyden, Mason Gourley)

Long jump-JP Blauser (Union/ACV); Triple jump-Aidan Fox (Union/ACV), High jump-Hayden Smith (Union/ACV); Pole vault-Ashton Grossman (Moniteau), Shot put-Dawson Camper (Union/ACV), Discus-Josh Beal (Keystone) and Logan Campbell (Moniteau); Javelin-Luke Cramer (Karns City)


1st team

100-Mylee Harmon (Redbank Valley), 200-Mylee Harmon (Redbank Valley), 400-Mylee Harmon (Redbank Valley), 800-Gia Babington (North Clarion), 1,600-Kelsey Hanna (Cranberry), 3,200-Kelsey Hanna (Cranberry)

100 hurdles-Eliana Wry (Cranberrty), 300 hurdles-Mylee Harmon (Redbank Valley)

400 relay-Keystone (Alison Sterner, Ava Patrick, Ashlee Albright, Abbi Sell); 1,600 relay-North Clarion (Sophie Babington, Marley Kline, Kaitlyn Guth, Gia Babington, Eliza Datko); 3,200 relay-Karns City (Miley Mooney, Trinity McFarland, Brooke Rumbaugh, Sophia Bonetto, Taylor Dailey)

Long jump-Hannah Ithen (Union/ACV), Triple jump-Hannah Ithen (Union/ACV), High jump-Savannah Prescott (Karns City) and Mylee Harmon (Redbank Valley); Pole vault-Ella Rizzo (Redbank Valley), Shot put-Brenna Armstrong (North Clarion), Discus-Brenna Armstrong (North Clarion), Javelin-Ayanna Ferringer (Cranberry)


1st team

P-Jacob Jones (Karns City), C-Keagan Book (Moniteau), 1B-Derek Smail (Clarion), INF-Dawson Smail (Clarion), Trey Fleming (ACV/Union), Tommy Smith (CL-Limestone); OF-Owen Clouse (Redbank Valley), Hobie Bartoe (Karns City), Logan Lutz (Cl-Limestone); DH-Dauntae Girvin (Clarion)


1st team

P-Addison Burrows (Karms City), C-Braylee Yeany (Redbank Valley), Adelyn Willims (Moniteau), 1B-Faith Dietrich (Forest Area), INF-Lyrik Reed (Karns City), Quinn White (Redbank Valley), Emily Staab (Moniteau); OF-Jada Polczynski (Karns City), Bella Ielease (ACV/Union), Mariska Shunk (Moniteau); DH-Izzy Bond (Redbank Valley), Emily Sherman (Karns City)

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