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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from March 25 to 28:

Adams Township

Far View Farms Development to NVR at 569 Blackrock Blvd. for $278,300.

Lynnann and Richard Vangenewitt Jr. to Heather and Robert Stoddard II at 120 Resolution Drive for $615,000.

David and Melissa Myers to Ryan and Bethany Otroba at 213 Far View Lane for $554,000.

James Bossola to Jacob Bossola at 311 Stoup Road for $1.

Thomas and Peggy Coleman to Mike and Rhonda Vasilj, co-trustees, at 1301 Union Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $535,531.60).

Tyler Deschamps to Kristen Zaccari at 247 Broadstone Drive for $390,000.

Far View Farms Development to Ruth Jones at 502 Blackrock Blvd. for $250,000.

NVR to Shelley Jones at 515 Blackrock Blvd. for $384,387.

NVR to Jeffrey and Maggie Mann at 503 Blackrock Blvd. for $419,000.

Allegheny Township

Justin and Kayla Stroup to Francis and Taylor Eshenbaugh at 328 Parker Pike for $310,000.

Brady Township

Florence Green and Shayna Green, co-trustees, to Florence Green at 123 Martin Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $92,280).

Buffalo Township

Brian and Deirdre Henry to Brent Simmons and Haley Simmons, trustees, at 809 South Pike Road for $400,000.


Robert and Susan Mason to Michael and Leah Tate at 308 Broad St. for $151,000.

Andrew Prengaman to Meltz of Butler at 411 Locust St. for $34,000.

Dena Martinez to Kenneth Reynolds at 456 Zeigler Ave. for $185,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Mallory Bole at 415 Miller Ave. for $87,600.

Haley Jewart to TR & TR Rentals at 110 Morton Ave. for $67,500.

Butler Township

NVR to Kayla and Justin Stroup at 113 Walk Off Way for $342,420.

NVR to Anthony Campbell and Deborah Bacher at 107 Jerome Drive for $331,975.

Eric Walter to Terry Baldauf at 63 Pittsburgh Road for $10,000.

James and Elizabeth Reppermund to Reppermund Family Revocable Trust at 4170 Cypress St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $791,147.20).

Fannie Mae to Jacqueline Lang and Joseph Mango at 271 Hemlock Drive for $259,000.

Center Township

Melissa and Andrew Culp to Brandon Aldinger at 105 Moore Road for $317,500.

Lawrence Ligas to Butler Sewer Authority at Brewster Booster Station for $3,000.


Lori Kriebel to Jessica Hooks at 111 Simpson Ave for $85,000.

Concord Township

Bruce and Shirley Birckbichler to Timothy Birckbichler and Austin Birckbichler at unknown address for $1.

Kenneth Tejchman to Adam Tejchman at 231 Troutman Road for $1.

Connoquenessing Township

Nancy Banner to Timothy Krannacker and Adam Krannacker at 128 Panther Road for $40,000.

Debra Bartos, executrix, to Harry and Joyce Bortmes at Spring Valley Road for $1,000.

Donald and Denise Guiher to Robert Cichra at Maple Lane Farms for $9,750.

Cranberry Township

Justin and Laura Santoro to Joshua and Kelsee Fischer at 214 Eagle Drive for $340,000.

Rochester Road Investment to Tien Van Le and Thi Lam at 722 Withers Park Drive for $578,385.

Rochester Road Investment to Zahid Akram, trustee, at 229 Main St. for $380,920.

Paul and Melissa Rupert to Sean Conrad at 608 Sarah Court for $218,000.

NVR to Alexa Milstein at 314 Abacot Way for $337,980.

Thomas and Karen Minnock to Amanda Novak at 204 Bellford Drive for $300,000.

Christa and Jason Papcunik to Carolyn Albright at 504 Daisy Court for $327,000.

Edward and Lori Moore to Abby Jenkins at 213 Meadowbrook Drive for $515,000.

Frank and Sandra Cozza to Jennie and Michael Dodge at 116 Mirage Drive for $1,302,500.

Nathaniel Yacobucci and Barbara Palmer to Christopher Gabriel at 331 Eagle Drive for $590,000.

Stephen Pappas and Christine Pappas to Baran Ulger, Deniz Ulger and Callan Broskey at 204 Sandalwood Drive for $250,000.

Evans City

Jacob Shaffer to Joshua Spence at 121 Pattison St. for $175,000.

Forward Township

Maronda Homes to Ronald Hendrickson and Mandy Graft at 215 Cornstalk Court for $466,960.

Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Hidden Acres Lot 135 for $86,800.

Matthew and Amy Watson to Christopher Merrison at 213 Marburger Road for $150,000.

Franklin Township

Edmund and Janis Skrocki to Brian and Sarah Dickinson at 369 W. Brewster Road for $447,500.

Charlotte Potts et al. to Amanda and Matthew Nulph at 881 West Old Route 422 for $1.

Jackson Township

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 247 for $105,000.

NVR to Matthew Stover and Lyndsay Pasquarelli at 521 Blake Drive for $505,165.

Jefferson Township

Donna Huff and Ronald Sankey, successor trustees, to Justin Huff and Amy Thompson at 136 Green Manor Drive for $400,000.

Karns City

Mathiah and Alexandra Wampler to Brandon Belles at 111 Petrolia St. for $120,000.

Lancaster Township

NVR to Kenneth Babin at 516 Coughton Cross Drive for $406,865.

Creative Real Estate Development to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 503 for $107,348.

Creative Real Estate Development to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 410 for $97,000.

NVR to Peter and Rebecca de Vries at 532 Coughton Cross Drive for $475,125.

NVR to Leslie Grantham at 421 Coventry Court for $416,670.

NVR to Jessica and David Uram at 427 Coventry Court for $459,025.


Shirley Brosenitsch and Paula Eisenreich to Nicholas and Jenay Leach at 2 Grand Ave. Commons A for $114,000.

Mercer Township

Shirley Cook to Sharon Sammarco at 135 Glacial Till Road for $1.

Middlesex Township

Forsythe Fields to NVR at 4006 Cross Creek Circle for $176,500.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at 4009 Sirney Drive for $193,000.

Fernando and Daniela DaCosta to Emily and Adam Prichard at 3037 Eagle Ridge Drive for $663,000.

NVR to David and Melissa Myers at 5003 Artemis Court for $829,990.

NVR to Geffrey and Melissa White at 4024 Cross Creek Circle for $835,040.

Muddy Creek Township

Ronald and Carol Byers to Kathy and Daniel Miller at 151 Kelly Road for $1.

Parker Township

Cynthia Valentine to Timothy Valentine at Rocks Road for $1.

Penn Township

Paul Lauer to Aaron and Addison Bonus at 234 Dinnerbell Road for $126,000.

Susan Selby and Dana Kelly to Adali Deiss at 940 Three Degree Road for $250,000.


Joshua Reinert to Jacob Reinert at 222 Main St. for $822,144.


Joan Rousseau and Donald Messmer Jr. to Matthew Whittenberger at 220 Roebling Drive for $335,000.

Seven Fields

Infinity Custom Homes to Brian Holland, trustee, at 138 Enclave Drive for $710,860.

Slippery Rock

Khuna Holdings to Sean White at Sassafras Drive for $55,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Trophy Hunting Properties to Daniel Baker and Jennifer Bannon at Cemetery Road for $139,000.

James and Deborah Brandon to Andrew Musacchio and Madisyn Clark at 523 Mercer Road for $255,000.

Alan and Dixie Worobey to Jamie Martin at 583 Kiester Road for $275,000.

David Skeele and Nora Ambrosio to Jordan and Anthony DiPippa at 420 Deer Run Road for $533,000.

Worth Township

Vanessa and Jacob Morris to Stephen Pfab at 167 McCracken Road for $251,664.


Glade Run Foundation to Glade Run Properties at 40 Muntz Run Road for $3,653,000.

Christine Trimble to Christine and Larry Trimble at 55 Marion Drive for $1.

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