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Seneca Valley secretary recognized

Karen Greenawalt, secretary to the principal at Seneca Valley Senior High School, was recognized by board directors during a school board meeting Monday, April 15.

Greenawalt, who will retire at the end of the school year after nearly 27 years at Seneca Valley, was named an All-Star Award Winner for her work ethic and commitment to the school district, as well as her kindness, board directors said.

Robert Ceh, principal of Seneca Valley Senior High School, introduced Greenawalt.

Among her daily duties, Greenawalt has been instrumental in coordinating and planning graduation ceremonies, said superintendent Tracy Vitale.

“We’ve had several principals come through the senior high (school), but Karen has held the building together,” Vitale said. “Karen, we are really going to miss you. The public has no idea what you’ve done for this district, but I do — we do.”

Board president Eric DiTullio noted that all of Greenawalt’s accomplishments within the district have been “behind-the-scenes.”

Board director Leslie Bredl also thanked Greenawalt for her years with the school district.

“I’m just going to put on my parent hat,” Bredl said. “Every time I call the office or emailed you, you are extremely prompt and friendly. I think when you make that initial call to the office, that sets the tone for the school, and you do so so well.”

“And again, all the assistant principals and principals that have come through, you have been the person that has really brought everybody through and kept everybody going in the same direction,” Bredl said.

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