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Seneca Valley district students recycle for Earth Day

From left, Rowan Elementary School fourth-graders Alex Swentkowsky, Andrew Vetter and Ali Gerun learn about recycling from Cranberry Township officials for Earth Day in April 2010. Butler Eagle file photo

Cranberry Township donated 190 recycling bins to Haine Middle and Rowan Elementary schools as part of Earth Day observances in April 2010. The schools placed the bins in classrooms and in hallways, where students and staff could drop off items to be recycled.

Lorin Meeder, the township’s environmental projects coordinator at the time, said emphasizing recycling at the elementary and middle school levels can create lifelong conservationists and educated adults.

“At this age, kids are strong proponents of recycling and what we encourage at school will be reflected at home,” Meeder said.

Haine Principal Steven Smith said recycling is a lesson students learn all year as they visit McKeever Environmental Learning Center in Slippery Rock. He also said the township project will expand on the existing program at the school by placing bins in classrooms and allowing more items to be recycled.

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