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Jay-Z’s Made In America festival canceled for the second year in a row


Jay-Z’s annual Made in America festival, held in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend, has been canceled for the second year in a row.

The festival announced the cancellation on social media and its official website Wednesday. No reason was given. A lineup had not yet been announced.

The festival began in 2012 and, up until 2023, had been held every year since except for 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic.



NEW YORK — Sting‘s legendary catalog reworked and revived for a critically acclaimed dance-theater production is set to make its New York debut at City Center this spring.

“Message in a Bottle,” directed and choreographed by Kate Prince, will run April 30 to May 12, with stops in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

Alex Lacamoire, the orchestrator behind “Hamilton,” added new arrangements to 27 of Sting’s songs, including “Desert Rose” and “Every Breath You Take.” Beverley Knight serves as one of the guest artists.

The story of “Message in a Bottle” centers on a refugee family torn apart by a civil war and their dangerous journey to find safety. “Their tale of survival and community told through my music and some of the most brilliant contemporary and street dancing I have ever seen,” Sting said.



Lizzo cleared up recent comments about “quitting,” telling fans on Instagram Tuesday she’s still going to make music. The statement followed a cryptic post Friday in which the singer wrote she was “getting tired of putting up with being dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet. I QUIT.”

In Tuesday’s video, Lizzo stood in front of a camera in a bathing suit, saying, “What I’m not going to quit is the joy of my life, which is making music and connecting to people. If I can just give one person the inspiration to stand up for themselves and quit letting negative people, negative comments, win then I’ve done even more than I could’ve hoped for,” she said.


Jay Leno

There are times when Jay Leno’s wife, Mavis, who suffers from dementia, “does not know her husband,” doctors confirmed after the comedian filed for conservatorship.

Mavis Elizabeth Leno, 77, suffers from an “advanced” and worsening form of dementia, which includes “disorientation,” wrote Ronald Ostrin, citing neurologist Dr. Hart Cohen in court documents.

Ostrin, Mavis Leno’s court-appointed legal counsel, noted she “ruminates about her mother who died about 20 years ago,” per Cohen, who works at Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai.

Ostrin’s statements came after reviewing “substantial medical records” supporting Cohen’s claims.

Jay Leno, 73, filed for conservatorship of his wife of more than 40 years in January, according to court records. At the time, it was reported that Mavis has Alzheimer’s disease.

“Unfortunately, Mavis has been progressively losing capacity and orientation to space and time for several years,” read the petition.

Leno “loves his wife very much” and treats her “like gold,” Cohen told Ostrin. He is only looking to gain conservatorship over Mavis’ estate in the event something happens to him.

Vouching for Leno’s character, Ostrin recommended the court approve the estate conservatorship, noting he wants to “provide the least disturbance to Ms. Leno’s lifestyle and to preserve her dignity and ensure her safety.”

From combined wire services

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