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Slippery Rock Area High School to stage ‘Newsies’

Slippery Rock Area High School will present the Disney musical “Newsies” at 7 p.m. April 11, 12 and 13 at the high school auditorium, 201 Kiester Road, Slippery Rock. The main cast members are, front row, from left, Vincent Sinkevich as Mr. Wiesel, Charlotte Kingston as Les, Ellie Jedrzejewski as Specs. Back row, from left, Wyatt Milligan as Gov. Roosevelt, Emma Green as Medda Larkin, Logan Mellor as Joseph Pulitzer, Jon Barkley as Davey, Kara Shidemantle as Katherine Plumber, Anderson Franco as Jack Kelly, Braden Callen as Crutchie, Grant Kingston as Race, and Eilee DiFrischia as Bowery Beauty/Elmer. Submitted photo

Slippery Rock Area High School will present Disney’s “Newsies” at 7 p.m. April 11, 12 and 13 at the high school auditorium, 201 Kiester Road, Slippery Rock.

Tickets are available for $12 in advance at and at the door.

Deanna Sparrow is director, fight choreographer and choreographer. Alexandra Franco-Tuten is assistant director and producing liaison. Denton Zeronas is producer.

Vocal director is Danell Shidemantle. Sarah DiFrischia and Christina Savannah are choreographers. David Mruk is pianist.

Athletic director is Brienna Simons, and Rob Shidemantle is technical director. Student choreographers are Meghan Bencic, Eilee Belle DiFrischia and Arabella Savannah. Directing apprentices are Emma Magliocca and Jordan Simmons.

Set in turn-of-the-century New York City, “Newsies” is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenage “newsies.”

When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what’s right.


Anderson Franco, Jack Kelly; Jon Barkley, Davey; Charlotte Kingston, Les; Kara Shidemantle, Catherine Plumber; Logan Mellor, Joseph Pulitzer;

Braden Callen, Crutchie; Grant Kingston, Race; Maklen Headley, Albert; Gianna Aglio, Finch; Ellie Jedrzejewski, Specs; Faith McClaine, Henry; Kaimana Colvin, Romeo/Bill; Eilee Belle DiFrischia, Elmer; Elena Desuta, Mush; Hannah Nye, Jo Jo/Darcy; Jenson Dudash, Buttons; Finn Savage, Spot Conlon;

Isabelle DeMarco, Tommy Boy/Ike; Libby White, Splasher/Mike; Emma Green, Medda Larkin; Meghan Bencic, Eilee Belle DiFrischia, Arabella Savannah, Bowerie Beauties; Andrew Hudak, Bunsen/customer/photographer/adult ensemble; Stefon Austin, Seitz; Isabella Crawford, Hannah/customer/adult ensemble; Vincent Sinkevich, Wiesel/stage manager/Mr. Jacobi/mayor; Greyson Thomas, Morris Delancey; David Magliocca, Oscar Delancey; Wyatt Milligan, Nunzio, police officer/guard/Gov. Teddy Roosevelt; Eric Boring, Snyder; Elise DiFrischia, Lillian Hillwig, Rylee Williamson, scabs; Isabella Crawford, Emma Green, Alayna Schake, nuns.

Ensemble cast

Stefon Austin, Meghan Bencic, Dylan Dieter, Elise DiFrischia, Emily Frazier, Noelle Hemphill, Lillian Hillwig, Caradee Hooks, Finn Savage, Arabella Savannah, Alayna Schake, Rylee Williamson.

Featured dancers

Meghan Bencic, Eilee Belle DiFrischia, Elise DiFrischia, Emily Frazier, Noelle Hemphill, Ellie Jedrzejewski, Faith McClaine, Arabella Savannah.


Les Fine, conductor; David Mruk, keyboard 1; Will Weltman, keyboard 2; Kayla Karenbauer, reed; Megan Hayes, reed; Robert J. Chiprean, trumpet; David Huemme, trombone; Jane Gregg, violin; Bill Cooper, cello; Ron George, guitar; Norm Hawkins, bass; Ken Stewart, percussion.

Stage management, creative team, stage crew

Anya Adams, lighting designer/light board operator; Jacob Anthony, backstage run crew; Ayden Blose, backstage run crew; Kevin Bowser, backstage run crew/ropes; Randy Burr, assistant light board operator; Isabella Crawford, prop artist/makeup artist; Nathan Delage, production stage manager/assistant sound technician;

Lily Eliot, spotlight operator; Ellie Jedrzejewski, historical lobby display/scenic artist; Angelia Kashiwagi, student rehearsal accompanist; Mykenna Knox, assistant stage manager/social media coordinator; Zabrina Kozminski, backstage run crew; Jay Nicklas, backstage run crew; Tyler Pritts, technical assistant/pit orchestra liaison;

Carol Snyder, student technical director/backstage run crew/ropes; Sophia Vinroe, backstage run crew; Sarah Wagner, backstage run crew/scenic artist; Helen Whitman, sound board operator.

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