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AHN cancer institute to host monthly cancer screenings

Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute will host its monthly cancer screening on March 9 at Allegheny Valley Hospital at 1301 Carlisle St. in Natrona Heights.

Registration closes March 1, or when appointments are filled. Those interested in attending do not need to be AHN patients but must make an appointment for the AVH event by calling 412-359-6665.

Health insurance is not required.

In 2023, the screening event at the Allegheny Valley Hostipital attracted 92 patients who received a total of 261 screenings, with 203 screenings yielding normal results and 58 flagging abnormal results. Patients who receive abnormal test results are advised to receive further testing.

In January, the American Cancer Society released its annual Cancer Facts & Figures 2024 report, which estimates that 89,410 Pennsylvanians will be diagnosed with some type of cancer this year.

“Screening for certain types of cancer, such as colorectal and cervical cancers, can often contribute to the prevention of more advanced stages of the disease by removing precancers when detected,” said Dr. David Bartlett, chair of the AHN Cancer Institute. “Regular screenings for other common cancers can reduce the mortality rate through early detection, often improving the prognosis and providing less intensive treatment plans for patients.”

Patients may receive up to seven different screenings in one day, all at one location. Screenings may include: breast cancer (ages 40+), cervical cancer (ages 21-65), colorectal cancer (ages 45+), head and neck cancers (ages 18+), lung cancer (ages 50-77 with history of smoking), prostate cancer (ages 45+), and skin cancer (ages 18+).

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