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Man charged with sale of marijuana following search

A New Galilee man was accused of growing and selling marijuana from a residence in Muddy Creek Township, according to documents filed Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Bradley J. Bales, 38, was charged with felony drug sales and two counts of misdemeanor drug possession after police searched his home Oct. 3, 2023.

Police said they had received a tip about the potential sale of marijuana and received written consent from Bales to conduct a search of his home.

During the search, police said they discovered several stems of marijuana plants, a drying cabinet, a paper bag of marijuana stems, two Mason jars of processed marijuana, digital scales, marijuana seed and a bag of “weed shake,” or small pieces of the cannabis flower.

The evidence tested positive for marijuana and weighed a total 171.1 grams, police said.

Bales preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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