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M@C Discount Yinz Binz location nearing completion at Greater Butler Mart

M@C Discount's Butler Yinz Binz location at 210 Greater Butler Mart is nearing completion. Steve Cukovich/Butler Eagle

After months of construction to the former Friedman’s Freshmarkets building at Greater Butler Mart in Butler, M@C Discount is one step closer to opening its Yinz Binz location, where it will aim to target a different customer base than its other locations, according to M@C co-owner Kellen Campbell.

“I would say it's more weeks than months,” Campbell said. “Hopefully it will be up and running soon. There are still some things we are doing internally that need to be done. Nothing major, just some minor stuff.”

M@C Discount is an online retail liquidation auction site that buys liquidated products and brings them into its warehouses to process them for sale.

Regular M@C locations have auctions online, and the stores simply serve as a place where customers can pick up their items, while the Yinz Binz locations take a different approach.

“It's a dollar store where the price changes every day,” Campbell said. “All new inventory gets put out each week. There will be these dump tables or bins with all this product in it.”

New products are brought into the Yinz Binz location each week, with prices changing depending on the day of the week.

On Monday prices of all items are $5, then $4 on Tuesdays, $3 on Wednesdays, $2 on Thursdays and 50 cents on Fridays.

“If you have five items and if it's Monday, that's $25,” Campbell said.

In most cases, the items sold at Yinz Binz will be smaller in size, such as toys, electronics, household items and more Campbell said.

M@C opened two Yinz Binz locations over this past summer, with one in Uniontown, Fayette County, and one in Canton, Ohio.

“Canton was opened in August and Uniontown in July,” Campbell said. “Overall there has been a positive response to them. It opened up a new customer base. There are a lot of people who don't feel comfortable going online and bidding on auctions. This gives them an option to come in and shop in a traditional type of environment where you can buy items on site.”

Items that are not sold by the end of the day on Friday will go into a mystery box Campbell said.

“Very few items actually make it through the end of the day on Fridays,” Campbell said. “We will take those items and group them together. Then on Monday the box will sell at the Binz store for $5 and they go fast.”

The Butler Yinz Binz will be at 210 Greater Butler Mart, with its regular M@C Discount store at 360 Greater Butler Mart.

Campbell said Yinz Binz hours will be similar to that of its regular locations which are noon to 6 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and noon to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We are really excited to open,” Campbell said. “The Butler area has been great to us and we hope to continue that success.”

The Greater Butler Mart on Wednesday, Feb. 21. Steve Cukovich/Butler Eagle

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