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Knoch to present ‘Hello, Dolly!’

Knoch High School will present “Hello, Dolly!” next week. Cast members are, from left, Harrisyn Schilpp as Cornelius Hackl; Lauren Howard as Irene Molloy; Nick Collins as Horace Vandergelder; Ava Breese as Dolly Gallagher Levi; Sam Robb as Minnie Fay; and Jacob Ruediger as Barnaby Tucker. Submitted photo

Knoch High School will present the musical “Hello, Dolly!” at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2 in the senior high school auditorium.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 at

Jen Bronder is the director. Diane Beckstead is vocal director, Emily Cramer is choreographer, and Melissa Kenton is the pit orchestra conductor.

Jeannette Adams is technical director and scenic designer, Jenn Walker costume designer and Scott Emmel sound engineer for the show.

Student directors are Kelsey Miller and Teaghan Steighner.

“Hello, Dolly!” tells the story of Dolly Gallagher Levi's attempts to play matchmaker for Yonkers millionaire Horace Vandergelder. While it seems that Dolly is matching Horace with widow and hat shop proprietor Irene Molloy, Irene's plans to have an adventure align with Corneiluis Hackl's plans for adventure. Along for that same adventure is Irene's friend Minnie and Cornelius' friend Barnaby, resulting in a polka contest, an arrest, and true love prevailing.


Cast: Ava Breese, Dolly Gallagher Levi; Nick Collins, Horace Vandergelder; Harrisyn Schilpp, Cornelius Hackl; Lauren Howard, Irene Molloy; Jacob Ruediger, Barnaby Tucker; Samantha Robb, Minnie Fay; Emme Mrozek, Ermengarde; Jacob Scanlon, Ambrose Kemper; Morgan Clark, Ernestina; Natalie Anderson, Rudolph Reisenweber; Remmy Kovac, Mrs. Rose.

Tristen Janoski, Stanley; Phoebe Barnett, first cook; Mia Collier, second cook; Cooper Belak, judge; Sophia Whitmer, court clerk; Travis Dannu, police officer.

Grace Beikert and Sydney Snyder, additional police officers; Lukas Swartzlander, Fritz; Abigail Cebollero, wallpaper hanger; Rylie Leslie and Ava West, feed store customers; Abigail Cebollero and Neveah Spencer, trolley horse.

Dance troupe: Sarah Conley, captain, Olivia Klabnik, Molly Manzer, Sarah Mitchell, Isabelle Parisi, Emma Snyder.

Waiters: Lukas Swartzlander, Travis Dannu, Jacob Scanlon, Jake Krenzer, Cooper Belak, Tristen Janoski.

Ensemble: Natalie Anderson, Phoebe Barnett, Grace Beikert, Ava Breese, Abigail Cebollero, Morgan Clark, Mia Collier, Sarah Conley, Lauren Howard, Violet Huggins, Samantha Lawson.

Rylie Leslie, Olivia Klabnik, Remmy Kovac, Molly Manzer, Sarah Mitchell, Emme Mrozek, Isabelle Parisi, Maggie Powell, Samantha Robb, Sidney Shenck, Emma Snyder, Sydney Snyder, Neveah Spencer.

Ava West, Sophia Whitmer, Cooper Belak, Nick Collins, Travis Dannu, Tristen Janoski, Jake Krenzer, Jacob Ruediger, Jacob Scanlon, Harrisyn Schilpp, Lukas Swartzlander.


Orchestra: Sidney Young, Grace Yeager, Allison Godot, Elisabeth Whalen, Tyler Belak, Patrick Cornelius, Abigail Sleigher, Finnegan Bogan, Samantha Goldscheitter, Ian Squyres, Ellie Mentel, Charlotte Huff, Sarah Edder, Molly Snow, Henry Hoffman, Michael Stull, Caden Hassler, Marina Smith, Jack Reckard.


Stage crew: Logan Brestensky, Abigale Butler, Samuel Crosby, Nellie Eichler, Lara Ejzak, Amanda Fields, Alexis Jones, Ezra Kenyon, Hunter Lucas, Greyson Rhodes, Abigail Snyder, Parker Snyder, Izabella Spencer, Donald Wippenbeck, Paige Wilson, Sierra Wise.

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