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Paul Harris Fellows, benefactors

Zelienople Rotary

To become a Paul Harris Fellow, someone either must donate $1,000 to the Rotary International Foundation or donate it in the name of someone else. If more than $1,000 was given, that is indicated with PHF + a number showing how many additional increments of $1,000 were donated. For example, a donation of $2,000 would be indicated with PHF +1.

As of Jan. 12:

Florence Flaugher Ayers

James Ayers

Cathy Baker

Joella R. Baker

Carmen D. Bianco

Jeremiah Bondra

Kenneth R. Boustead

Willa Kay Bowers

Kenneth R. Brennan

Mark Bruno

Frank N. Buczkowski

Daniel Paul Chittock

Wils L. Cooley

Wesley W. Creese

Dennis J. Cunningham

Emerson M. Davies

Richard E. Deer, III

Walter DeOliveira

Claire Dorsch

Ned Elsass

Harry W. Ennis

Ralph Eyerman

Mildred B. Fouse

Daniel James Fritch

Richard Michael Gigliotti

Ned P. Grinder

Michael Hall

Robert J. Heasley

Ruth Heasley

James L. Henderson, Jr.

William Henderson

James O. Howard

Richard E. Hunt

Arthur J. Innamorato

Barbara Kaufman

Oliver D. Keefer

Carol Keener

Robert Keplinger

Joann Meneice Kovic

Harry C. Kramer

Karl W. Limmer

Debbie Lindewirth

Donald L. Litz

Henry Magill

Jay Mason

Warren J. Mathe

Jack McMichael

Dean H. Measel

Sally Measel

Douglas Meredith

Carl L. Miller

Timothy Stephen Mitro

Eric J. Morrison

Mary Ann Moser

Michelle Moss

Kenneth M. Newcum

Georgene Novack

Robert L. Novack

Michele R. Papakie

Charles S. Passavant

William Lee Paul

John Phillips

Evelyn P. Rapp

John J. Riley

Dayle Salsgiver

Louis L. Sapienza, Sr.

Timothy M. Sapienza

Stephen D. Schoppe

Stephen T. Schultz

James S. Smith

Zachary James Edward Smith

Elizabeth Ann Stubna

Dorthy B. Uhl

William F. Uhl

George Villegas, Jr.

Charmaine B. Viola

Tullio A. Viola

George E. Wasserman

Robin Weaver

Robert C. Werner

Burton O. White

Brant S. Wilson

Gaillard J. Worstell

A. Richard Yoder

Clayton Zeigler

John Avolio PHF+1

Marilyn Belsterling PHF+1

Donald Burgess PHF+1

Kathleen Katocs Corcoran PHF+1

Robert G. Dorsch PHF+1

Ronald T. Elliott PHF+1

Rick A. Ellis PHF+1

Dan Fazio PHF+1

Robin Fleming PHF+1

Gerald H. Fouse PHF+1

Neal Jackson PHF+1

Brian Jodon PHF+1

David W. Kennedy PHF+1

Philip P. Lope PHF+1

David G. Pierce PHF+1

Arthur A. Prioletti PHF+1

William B. Salsgiver PHF+1

Thomas S. Zinkham PHF+1

Patrick Boylan PHF+2

George Measel PHF+2

James Moser PHF+2

Donald R. Ridgley PHF+2

Dale W. Smith PHF+2

Ruth J. Smith PHF+2

Linda J. Anthony PHF+3

Craig Lutz PHF+3

Victor Peffer PHF+3

Archibald Simpson PHF+3

Carroll M. Cooper PHF+4

Kimberly Lackatos PHF+5

Charlotte Deer PHF+7

Jane Meltzer PHF+7

Norbert Belsterling PHF+8

Marie Grant PHF+8

Thomas N. Grant PHF+8

Beth A. Marshall PHF+8

William J. Wagner PHF+8


These Zelienople Rotarians became benefactors by including Rotary International’s Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of $1,000 or more in their estate plans.

Marie Grant

Thomas N. Grant

David W. Kennedy

Donald L. Litz

Beth A. Marshall

Dale W. Smith

Tullio A. Viola

William J. Wagner

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