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Children share their wish lists

Quinn Lauer, 9, and her younger sister, Evelyn, 6
Quinn Lauer, 9, and her younger sister, Evelyn, 6, said they would like a piano and kitten for Christmas. Chris Leisie/Special to the Eagle

Children still have time to write letters to Santa Claus this December, but many have already made up their minds and their wish lists ahead of the holiday season.

The requests to Santa vary from live animals to trucks, superhero figurines to musical instruments, and colorful, snuggable toys.

Ved Ganapavarapu, 4, is asking for a Captain America toy, his parents, Ajtha and Suresh Ganapavarapu said. The family said they will spend the holidays with friends.

Elise Jarrell, 4, and her sister, Clara, 9, said they would like more MeeMeows this Christmas. MeeMeows are plush toys shaped like cats that come in different patterns and colors. Their parents, Mary and Jeremy Jarrell, said they are looking forward to spending the holidays with family.

“We don’t normally travel for the holidays, so it would be nice to kind of see family,” Jeremy Jarrell said.

Savannah Karski, 4, wants a pony and her brother, Beckham, 2, wants trucks for Christmas, their babysitter, Gabriela Solorzano said.

Authenticity is in high demand, it seems, this holiday season.

Quinn Lauer, 9, said she wants a “real piano,” and her little sister, Evelyn, 6, said she wants a “real kitten.”

Evelyn said she would either name her kitten Brownie or Snow White, depending on its fur.

Callan Weletz, who donated several bags of toys to Toys for Tots with his mother in November, said he wants a dog. His mother doesn’t agree with that wish.

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