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It’s a good time of year to enjoy downtown Butler

Butlers Lacrosse float travels down Main Street at Butler’s Spirit of Christmas Parade
Butlers Lacrosse float travels down Main Street at Butler’s Spirit of Christmas Parade Saturday, Nov. 25. Ralph LoVuolo/Special to the Eagle

Last weekend, people piled into downtown Butler for small business Saturday and the annual holiday parade.

One shopper on Saturday morning called her Saturday shopping spree a “Downtown Day.”

“We’ll take a day and hit all the businesses downtown,” Lindsey Gifford, of Center Township said in a news article published in the Monday edition of the Butler Eagle.

She said she and her family frequent downtown businesses.

Other people had their own Downtown Days on Saturday. A Connoquenessing Township resident said she she bought so much from downtown Butler shops her arm was “about to fall off.” She donned shopping bags, of all sizes, on both arms as she made her way down Main Street.

Later Saturday, people preparing for the nearly 95 floats and performers that would be displayed at the Spirit of Christmas parade began spilling into the city. Trucks with trailers could be seen in many parking lots and even parked along Main Street as the future parade participants added decorations to their displays.

People then came to fill the sidewalks on both sides of Butler’s Main Street for the nearly two-hour long parade.

Kelly Condon, a volunteer, told us the parade was longer than in years past. She recalled parking only 39 floats in the past, but this year, space was needed for more than 54.

Downtown Butler was booming on Wednesday evening, too. A new bar, currently Christmas-themed, opened at the corner of Main and Cunningham Streets. For its opening evening, the space drew a nice crowd of interested people.

And a new gaming store opened downtown as well. The owner said he had a good crowd on opening day.

We love seeing new faces find their way to downtown Butler. We encourage others to come visit downtown Butler and enjoy — in their own way — a “Downtown Day.”

— TL

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