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Thankful for the generosity of the Butler County community

This November, we’ve been humbled to see how the community across Butler County comes together to ensure their neighbors are able to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Saturday, we watched as turkey dinners were given away at the Butler Elks Lodge 170 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Later that day, more of the holiday meals were given away to veterans at St. Luke Lutheran Church on Freeport Road.

At Butler County Community College, 57 patrons of the college’s Pioneer Pantry registered to receive a Thanksgiving meal package, which this November was funded by a record number of donors and financial contributions during the college’s third Week of Charitable Giving.

According to Mikayla Moretti, director of events with the BC3 Education Foundation, the campaign, held Sept. 5 to 11, drew 82 donors, who together raised $16,170 for the cause.

“Some students might have to choose between buying food or putting gasoline in the car so they can make it to class. That puts it into perspective,” Moretti said.

On Monday, the Grapevine Center on Elm Street worked with Catholic Charities to provide a free Thanksgiving dinner to people in need.

Meanwhile, Community Partnership could be seen at the Butler Farmers Market distributing food for those in need. That effort was part of a monthly campaign to fight food insecurity.

Wednesday, the Gaiser Center will hold its Thanksgiving giveback, offering up support to the Victim Outreach Intervention Center, VOICe, in Cranberry Township.

Those without a place to go for the Thursday holiday are welcomed at the Thanksgiving Community Meal held at St. Peter Church, 127 Franklin St. in Butler from noon to 1 p.m.

The way the community has come together, it’s truly a sight to see. Thank you Butler County for supporting those in need this holiday season.

Even as we continue to grapple with inflation, we hope to see those who can give continue to do so throughout the coming month.

— TL

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