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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3:

Adams Township

Lori Smith to Raviteja Kommineni and Swapnil Shukla at 209 Southern Valley Court for $355,000.

Helianna and Lawrence Orr to Brenda Taber at 404 Northglen Court for $290,000.

Bermuda Blue Trust Agreement to Jason Cappelli at 141 Carriage Hill Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,514,930).

Adams Pointe II to Lydia Merl at 228 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $315,000.

NVR to Latha Maram at 103 Lupine Drive for $390,752.

NVR to Saumil Soni and Gauri Phatale at 406 Scharberry Lane for $385,862.

Jonathan and Lynsi Show to Krystle Shoate at 153 Brighton Lane for $599,000.


James and Cathy Wright to Sarah Donnelly at 407 Morton Ave. for $63,000.

Tracy Campbell and Scott Bryan to Raymond and Lynne Simon at 409 McKean St. for $135,000.

Chad and Cynthia Michelini to Shane Brown and Jasmain Belew at 225 N. Elm St. for $140,000.

Ralph and Kathy D’Antonio to Nicholas and Amanda Prifti at 425 N. Washington St. for $250,000.

Kevin and Kelly Condon to Benjamin Peek at 313 Oak St. for $160,000.

Sharon Moore and Gerald Moore to Bennett Deal at 231 Rattigan St. for $72,000.

Philip and Dhana LeFevre to Jolene Undercuffler at 306 Second St. for $95,000.

Grace Youth and Family Foundation to Nonprofit Development Corporation at 100/102 Center Ave. and 425/433 McKean St. for $375,000.

Duane and Lila Gizienski to Chris Protzman at 418 Spruce St. for $31,700.

Crystal White to Gregory Gardner at 138 Fourth Ave. for $65,000.

Butler Township

Carl Bemben Jr. to Joshua Houston and Morgan Jaeger at 124 Highfield Road for $190,255.

NVR to Gary and Karen Weaver at 104 Walk Off Way for $338,420.

Caparosa Properties to H&M Investing at 17 Bessemer Ave. for $125,000.

NVR to Brian Delaney and Jenna Swarmer at 118 Jerome Drive for $351,050.

Butler Area School District to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at 120 Campus Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $58,893,273.30).

Daniel and Rebecca Kelly to Brenda Hilliard at 123 Cupps Road for $245,000.

Trevor Hilliard to Cameron Babinsack and Victoria Peel at 93 Pittsburgh Road for $100,000.

NVR to Andrew Holt at 122 Jerome Drive for $390,820.

Center Township

Bonnie Johnson et al. to Eric Phipps at 506 Oneida Valley Road for $45,000.


Patrick and Alissa Snow to Monica Sertik and Alexandria Sertik at 100 North St. for $32,000.

Clay Township

Stephen and Barbara Tenney to Tommy Galvan at 366 Claytonia Road for $250,000.

Concord Township

Randy and Linda Campbell to Evan Rippey at north of Kuhn Road for $32,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Atlas Estates to RM Land Holdings at Prospect Road for $290,000.

Lezzer Martin to Douglas Erdley at Shannon Mills Drive for $42,000.

Cranberry Township

Pikewood Land Partners to Robert Rizzitano and Carlie Donahue at Laurel Pointe Lot 2 for $125,000.

Lindsay Schweikarth to Ibrahim, Iman, and Rula Khoury at 523 Sarah Drive for $353,000.

Pikewood Land Partners to Bridget Williams at Laurel Pointe Lot 1 for $125,000.

Raymond and Lynn Aufman to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at 7212 Franklin Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $166,566.40).

Jeffrey and Donna Bezier to Daniel and Samantha Schmucker at 101 Oakridge Trail for $604,000.

Megan Theodorson to Margaret Burris at 410 Ten Point Lane for $225,000.

Rupert Bing to Gurmeet Singh and Jashinder Kaur at 102 Bayberry Lane for $440,000.

Charter Homes at Crescent to Dhavalkumar and Zeekumari Patel at 311 East Lake St. for $751,640.

Rochester Road Investment to Lauren Duque at 171 Gress Road for $383,635.

Rochester Road Investment to Benjamin Mathews and Amanda Mathews at 716 Withers Park Drive for $634,990.

William and Donna Anderson to Breanne and Edward Zielonka Jr. at 111 Saige Court for $500,000.

DIV Cranberry to Regional Development Partners at Streets of Cranberry for $32,150,000.

Steven England Jr. to ERMM2 at 217 Bellwood Court for $208,000.

Steven and Lifan Szebenyi, trustees, to Felice Esposito and Beth Winhold at 30 Burke Road for $1,050,000.

Joseph Brzoza and Megan Lattanzio to Megan Lattanzio and Joseph Brzoz Living Trust at 115 Overbrook Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $543,683).

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Ian Faherty and Marlena Trunzo at 169 Gress Road for $371,800.

Estate of Charlotte T. Schwartz to James Macaulay at 2022 Isleworth Lane for $479,000.

Christopher and Holly Sarich to Jason and Christine Kooser at 500 Creekside Court for $479,900.

Donegal Township

Bernard and Dianna Rumbaugh to Mary and Christopher Price at 271 Conerty Road for $314,500

Forward Township

Meadow Ridge Partners to Mark and Danielle Thousand at 106 Edgewood Drive for $99,900.

Ned Marburger, trustee, to Mark and Morgan Altmyer at 211 Watters Station Road for $315,000.

Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Hidden Acres Lot 229 for $86,800.


Michael Cornell to Michael and Anna Cornell at 111 Seneca Drive for $1.

Jackson Township

Elaine Georgiades and Kenneth Novak to Michael and Melanie Gruca at 319 Baron Court for $465,000.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Joseph Bullano Jr. at 129 Affinity Drive for $383,990.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 268 for $98,595.

NVR to Yvonne Saadi at 438 Sarjean Way for $571,555.

NVR to Matthew and Jessica Schuman at 448 Sarjean Way for $457,960.

Seneca Trails to NVR at 501 Blake Drive for $105,000.

Miller IV to Bailey Road Properties 3 at 3 Tara Drive for $800,000.

Kendall and Bryn Kaufman to Robin Watkins at 117 Rylie Drive for $315,000.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Gina DePietro at 127 Affinity Drive for $357,410.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Divine Domicile of PA at 123 Affinity Drive for $337,357.

Lancaster Township

NVR to Mercedes Cook at 303 Arden Drive for $454,305.

NVR to Barbara and Fred DePietro Jr. at 260 Arden Drive for $432,245.

Ruth Klimasauskas to Kevin and Marjorie Pile at 2233 Southview Drive for $393,650.

Creative Real Estate Development Co. to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lots 504 and 518 for $214,696.

Mary and David Schneider to David and Mary Jane Schneider Trust at 753 Oliver St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $359,738.20).

Patricia Barton, trustee, to Carolyn Paulk, trustee, at 6132 Heatherfield Court for $400,000.


Clinton and Sarah Colpo to Mitchel Kalchthaler at 3 Grand Ave. for $131,000.

Middlesex Township

Jonathan and Michelle Sharp to Kenneth Esposito and Deborah Esposito, trustees, at 3053 Humbolt Place for $449,900.

Paula and Barry Freeland Jr. to Daniel Cook and Georgia Schmacher at 112 Lilac Lane for $340,000.

William McGhee and Elaine McGhee to William McGhee and Elaine McGhee Revocable Trust at 4019 Nightingale Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $641,499.80).

Muddy Creek Township

Matthew and Jessica Pyle to Kenneth Novak at 139 Pleasant Valley Road for $265,000.

Oakland Township

Brenda and Larry Lumley Jr. to Charles and Diane Pastva at 150 Spillway Lane for $280,000.

Penn Township

Gary and Karen Weaver to Natalie Ferrari and Elizabeth Murray at 6213 Penn Drive for $379,000.

Seven Fields

Eric and Madeline Lewandowski at 419 Brookside Court for $230,500.

Slippery Rock

Tri-County Restoration Services at 104 Sassafras Drive for $700,000.

Washington Township

Dwayne Paskorz to Joshua and Kenzie Howland at 766 Bruin Road for $22,000.


Lynn Grinder to Charles Rogers at 38 Fieldstone Place for $335,000.

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