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Support Quality EMS

On Nov. 5, the Butler Eagle published a special Quality EMS press release to southern Butler County residents. I read it several times and could not believe the “EMS crisis,” which we all should be involved in. We should support our Quality emergency medical team to keep their services in the following townships: Adams, Callery, Forward, Mars, Middlesex and Valencia. I did not realize Quality covered such a huge area.

Conrad Pfeifer, executive director of Quality and also a Middlesex Township police officer, is suggesting every resident pay $4.60 per month (make it $5.00 or what you want to donate) to keep Quality EMS in operation to serve. We cannot lose our ambulance service, and I was not aware of them serving our neighbors who may not be able to pay Quality.

It is essential to support our Quality EMS — ask yourself — what would we do without them? We receive quality service when needed. Please contribute what you can afford to keep our southern Butler County area safe and well served.

Jacqueline Cinski, Middlesex Township

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