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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug. 28 to Sept. 1

Adams Township

Wayne Van Atta to Joseph Macri at 418 Myoma Road for $248,305.

Mark and Ginger Rupnow to Joseph and Carly Surra at 108 Wickerham Drive for $808,000.

Brennan Group to Grace and Richard Abell Jr. at 111 Imperial Drive for $558,276.40.

Hickory Glen Partners to Stephen and Carla Oberhoffer at 216 Hickory Lane for $870,000.

Mark McLean to Tariogh and Robert Crawford III at Adams Pointe North for $277,000.

G. Michael and Jenifer Fleming to Benjamin and Maureen Ditson at 766 Callery Road for $125,000.

Hartley Investment Properties to Rebecca Murchak at 104 Chancellor Court for $1,499,900.

Adams Pointe II to Brendan Moyer at Adams Pointe Blvd. for $279,900.

B3V Partners to Vincent and Lari Locher at 119 Imperial Drive for $110,000.

Buffalo Township

W.L. Roenigk to Michael and Hope Roenigk at Ekastown Road for $1.

Sheryl and Keith Cribbs to Peter Hamosky at Bear Creek Road for $145,000.

Lori and Gary Parrish to Carly and James Brzoska at 295 Goldscheitter Road for $1.

Brendon and Courtney Paden to Jacob Babilon and Stephanie Drapela at 114 Howes Run Road for $245,100.

James and Diane Lee to New Horizon Estates at Mobile Home Village for $225,000.


Susan and Robert Coneybeer to WWC Foundation at 349 N. McKean St. for $300,000.

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust to Corey Weber and Nicole Beaver at 253 Cottage Hill for $45,000.

Margaret Schnorr to Robin Moretti at 106 Lyon Ave. for $137,000.

Crawford and family to Justin and Brandi Allday at 431 New Castle St. for $80,000.

Butler Township

Kenneth Yockey to Ryan Johns and Reegan Malis at 554 Kohler Ave. for $195,000.

Kelsey and Connor Campbell to Jeremy and Sandra Setti at 213 Home Ave. for $160,000.

Alyssa and Bradley Pontius to Dennis Culbertson at 239 Whitestown Village for $115,000.

NVR to Jerome Oliver at 101 Jerome Drive for $687,000.

Center Township

The Villas at Forest Oaks to Jo Anne and Harry Hunter at 1002 Forest Oaks Drive for $439,736.

John Mahler et al. to Bayleigh Hensel and Wayne Bird at 356 N. Duffy Road for $247,000.


BEL Investments Chicora to CPI Chicora at 128 Hummingbird Plaza for $1,875,000.

Clearfield Township

Harvey and Mary Blatt to Blatt Family Residence Trust at 3021 Old Route 422 East for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $464,640).

Clinton Township

Midus Capital to Bryan Wise at 817 Saxonburg Blvd. for $20,000.

Concord Township

Donna Morris to Shane Harvey at 249 Bryan Road for $850,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Thomas and Marianne Norris to Timothy and Casey Pappas at 106 Mirage Court for $402,700.

George Force and Cynthia Dillon to Bruce and Kim Bazzani at 149 Silver Oak Drive for $470,000.

Donald and Martha Searle to Michael and Renee Uram at 156 Double Road for $160,000.

Cranberry Township

MR1422 to NVR at Park Place Revised for $390,835.

Infinity Custom Homes to James and Susan Oskin at 708 Ivy Lane for $1,160,733.

Lawrence Henne to Jacob Manley at 1204 Dutilh Road for $150,500.

Dixie Yakin to Dixie and William Yakin Jr. at 207 Eagle Drive for $1.

BGRS Relocation to Jeffrey and Maria Avila at 601 Heritage Place for $655,000.

American International Relocation Solutions to Richard Alsager at 306 Sapling Court for $665,000.

Rochester Road Investment to DSR 8888 Investment at 211 Gress Road for $344,990.

Joseph and Carly Surra to Kevin and Heather Barr at 309 Locust Lane for $615,000.

Randall and Marianne Trzeciak to Han Chen at 714 Little Creek Lane for $469,000.

Bryan Cypher and Marion MacPherson to Jonathan Calhoun and Emily O’Brien at 744 Sunset Circle for $245,000.

Jonathan and Lydia Horvath to Joshua and Christ Weigold at 809 Westminster Lane for $595,000.

Pikewood Land Partners to Infinity Custom Homes at Laurel Pointe Lot 245 for $235,000.

William Jones to Lerinda Gandin at 622 Sarah Court for $222,000.

Donegal Township

Ed Kamemer to Ed Kamemer and Crystal Starnes at 111 Floyd Lane for $1.

Thomas Garing to Madison and Zachary Hack at 456 Timbur Road for $1.

Thomas Garing and John Garing to Thomas Garing at Pontius School Lane for $1.

Evans City

Josito Properties to Hannah and Seth Sipes at 101 Washington Ave. for $300,000.

Fairview Township

Christopher and Mary Price to Daniel Weidenhof III at 2233 Chicora Road for $350,000.

Forward Township

Maronda Homes to Ronald Hatt and Megan Tinklepaugh at 223 Cornstalk Court for $399,900.

Franklin Township

E & E Chestnut Developers to Betty Columbus at 513 Stonecliff Lane for $248,900.

Nicolas and Kristen Cress to Joseph and Valerie Tropf at 839 Old Route 422 for $399,900.


Jane Hoffmann to Michelle Colton at 1123 Seneca Drive for $325,000.


Red Stick Acquisitions to Lauren and Clayton Cupec Jr. at 208 Washington St. for $55,000.

Jackson Township

Maronda Homes to Joshua and Haley Lenhart at 267 Rylie Drive for $424,375.

Seneca Trails to NVR and Seneca Trails Lot 272 for $98,595.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic to Clayton Krol and Allyson Patterson at 109 Affinity Drive for $377,732.

Maronda Homes to Miles Bizub and Erin McGarrity at 263 Rylie Drive for $463,000.

Jefferson Township

James Campbell to Shirley and Raymond Felsing at 315 W. Jefferson Road for $300,000.

Alex and Mallory Whisler to Cari Hochbein at 231 Hannahstown Road for $275,000.

Lancaster Township

NVR to Paige Scornavacchi and Muhammad Farooqui at 320 Arden Drive for $412,150.

Middlesex Township

Timothy Bartley and Casey Papas at 1040 Adair Ave. for $320,000.

NVR to Ravindra Chalasani and Srikala Chagarlamudi at 2010 Lily Drive for $751,270.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Cross Creek Circle for $176,500.

Michele and Mark Vukelic to Mark and Joanne Brado at 1154 Tilly Drive for $485,000.

H. John Hoffman and Andrew Tomko to DMH Property Management at Route 8 for $15,000.

NVR to Christian and Kelsey Ricci at 4018 Cross Creek Circle for $790,030.

John Paulina to Tyler Paulina and Malorie Gross at 105 Thorn Drive for $330,000.

Cameron and Amber Warba to Matthew and Jill Tourigny at 205 Murray Drive for $582,000.

Oakland Township

Property Development to Leroy and June Rettig at 149 Shearer Road for $74,000.

Penn Township

Bank of America to Kelli Martin at 124 Country Club Road for $135,099.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Kyle Kodrowsky at 411 Crisswell Road for $216,500.


Margaret Broerman to Margaret Broerman, trustee, at 103 McIntosh Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $187,368).

Seven Fields

John and Tibby Doud to Croydon and Debbie Walters-Gerout at 529 Dorchester Drive for $550,000.

Michael and Andrea Weaver to Mark and Megan Decotiis at 333 Warrick Drive for $470,500.

Infinity Custom Homes to John Blaise at 120 Enclave Drive for $509,000.

Helene Goettman to Morgan Rader at 114 Forest Drive for $175,000.

Slippery Rock

Mary Snyder to Trevor and Megan Lucido 129 Arlington Drive for $165,000.

Summit Township

Alphons Green and Stephen Green to John Green at 162 S. Osche Road for $153,750.

Winfield Township

Joshua Ebig to Christina Corigliano at Bear Creek Road for $40,000.

Jonathan and Casey Johnson to Dava Jack and Dylan Hochbein at 246 Bicker Road for $350,000.

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