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China is taking over global economy

Don’t look now, but China is growing into the world’s greatest economic power. Xi Jinping has said China’s goal isn’t primarily military aggression but to slowly weave a global economic and institutional hub at which China is the controlling center — and they’re succeeding.

The U.S. isn’t allowed to buy land in China, yet China bought (over) 380,000 acres of farmland in the U.S. China also bought Smithfield Foods, our nation’s largest pork producer. China also is the world’s No. 1 producer of lithium ion batteries.

China is aggressively buying up mining facilities in Africa and South America.

China continues to steal intellectual property, including hybrid seeds. According to the FBI, China intellectual theft costs the U.S. economy $225 to $600 billion a year. In 2020, FBI director Christopher Wray said espionage cases linked to China increased by 1300% over the past decade. Communist China is slowly taking control of the global economy through espionage and monopolizing the world’s natural resources.

When are we going to act to stop China’s unethical acts of aggression?

George Pikoulas, Butler

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