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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from Aug.14 to 18:

Adams Township

3 Pointe to Michael and Robin Czarnecki at Adams Pointe Condominium for $260,000.

Simon Arias III to Bruno and Mary Conicella at 103 Indian Meadow Drive for $1,225,000.

B3V Partners to Brennan Group at 116 Imperial Drive for $110,000.

Robert Caldwell to Michael and Margaret Brady at 204 Adams Pointe for $220,000.

James and Linda Farmerie to Deborah Sciullo at 1403 Union Court for $492,000.

Michael and Stephanie Rohm to Brooke Leczo at 613 E. Village Green Blvd. for $330,000.

Robert and Edelgard O’Connell to Christopher and Janet Vogt at 2031 Gables Court for $680,000.

Adams Building Group to 100 Adams Shoppes at 100 Adams Shoppes for $2,000,000.

Greta Huggins and Steven Huggins to Jason and Julieann Rinn at 271 Cliffside Drive for $535,000.

Smeer and Maliha Kokan to Greta Huggins at 516 Village Green Blvd. for $322,000.

Robert and Virginia Mogus to Ellsworth and Cynthia Wetzel at 1101 Shinnecock Court for $599,900.

John Elter to SWD at Clay Street for $32,500.

Buffalo Township

Nicholas Obringer, Laura Obringer and Jeannine Obringer to Cole Furer and Samantha Obringer at 517 Fleming Road for $136,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Yidian He and Mei Weng at 1233 Sandy Ridge Drive for $492,795.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Kenith Meissner and Rachel Meissner, trustees, at 1231 Sandy Ridge Drive for $472,235.

Marlene Rice to Bryce and Cory Rings at 167 Riemer Road for $446,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Robert Lokar Jr. and Nancy Lokar, trustees, at 1234 Sandy Ridge Drive for $463,350.

F and H Property Development to Maronda Homes at Oak Creek Farms for $89,800.

Maronda Homes to Steven Liston at Riemer Road for $270,000.


Emily and Cameron Jurysta to SaraBeth Swain and Julie Ryan at 613 E. Pearl St. for $260,000.

Janet and Robert Ashcraft Sr. to Deborah Ashcraft at 311 Hickory St. for $1.

Robert and Joy Skal to Skal Family Trust at 209 Highland St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $82,590.60).

William and Dawn Hale to Kaylee Meyer and Adam Benninger at 553 4th St. for $180,000.

Zach Wingerter to Edward Nebel and Deborah Young at 608 E. Pearl St. for $227,000.

Nicholas Glasser to John Hanlon III at 615 Charles St. for $183,000.

Butler Township

AFE & Allman Land Group to NVR at Highfield Trails Lots 120 and 132 for $148,600.

Huey Bros to Catherine and Jannon Zubchevich at unknown address for $343,000.

Sandra and David Rapp to Ronald and Jill Yockey at 432 Sawmill Run Road for $220,000.

Mary Yukovich to Michael Hartman at 320 Home Ave. for $225,000.

Concord Township

Harry and Judith Boozel to Boozel Family Trust at 127 Campbell Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $356,505.60).

Connoquenessing Township

Daniel Sakala to Daniel and Jacqueline Sakala at 120 Fox Drive for $1.

Lezzer Martin to Toby and Stacy Wehr at Shannon Mills Drive for $44,000.

Cranberry Township

Jeremy and Colleen Hepler to Tyler and Jennifer Hudspath at 9271 Marshall Road for $450,000.

NVR to Arielle Sagbohan at 311 Caledonia Place for $334,955.

Timothy and Melissa Ford to Patrick and Patricia Sweetall at 518 Beneficial Drive for $775,000.

James and Kathy Yarris to Joshua Jahoda and Heather Gorman at 186 Autumn Hill Drive for $426,000.

Edward Fickess to Penguin Properties at 2581 Rochester Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $301,294.20).

Raymond and Karen Francis to Raymond and Karen Francis, trustees, at 116 Crossing Ridge Trail for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $450,942).

Good Life Rentals to Steve Smith and Jennifer Han, trustees, at 305 Laporte Court for $179,500.

Shailesh Ozarkar and Pranatis Talnikar to Taylor and Lindsay Sokol at 130 Hampshire Drive for $330,000.

Linda Fleming to Joshua Holzworth and Elizabeth Holzworth at 1756 Garvin Road for $808,000.

Jessica Painter to Edwin Almonte at 103 Buttercup Drive for $275,000.

Andrew and Gina Falconer to Joseph Karl at 4 Monmouth Drive for $240,000.

Lori Long to Jimmy and Helen Hiskey at 318 Byron Circle for $288,000.

Rochester Road Investment to Eric Lechman and Monika Adelmann at 515 Beneficial Drive for $637,175.

Mangalarn Chandak and Parija Maloo to Lisa Cooke at 107 Mews Lane for $389,900.

Alex and Alyssa Truman to Katie Dollard and Stephen Cochran at 314 Byron Circle for $295,000.

Anuradha Chintalapudi to Linda Fleming at 190 Bucktail Drive for $538,000.

Allyson Mazzoni and Jacob Miller to Gregory Randas and Megan Miller at 105 Chadborne Court for $280,000.

Fairview Township

Christopher and Stephanee Pyle to Shayne and Kylee Bell at 119 Sycamore Road for $325,000.

Forward Township

Kristen Pavic to Kristen Pavic and Donald Pavic, trustees, at 122 Glade Run Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $146,725.20).

Coltyn Company to Karen McKnight at 114 Birch St. for $245,000.

Franklin Township

Elijah and Megan McNally to Carol Butler and Scott Sanford at 116 County Lane Road for $457,000.

Jackson Township

John and Donna Ball to Christopher and Kathleen Souza at 369 Fanker Road for $560,000.

Christopher Souza Sr. to Joshua and Elizabeth Klixbull at 384 Fanker Road for $650,000.

Clay and Theresa Kramer to Patricia Harris at 121 Dutch Creek Drive for $464,900.

NVR to Ryan Henny and Marie Abdul-Karim at 151 Woodsman Ridge for $516,485.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 202 for $98,595.

Kathryn Rozic to Luke Barkley at 2108 Evans City Road for $220,000.

Daniel Bolena to the Daniel Albert Bolena Revocable Trust at 121 Martini Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $385,115.20).

Jefferson Township

Larry and Mary Burtner to Philip and Lauralynne Burtner at 136 Rockdale Road for $550,000.

Mary Lehnerd to Linda Halstead, trustee, at 30 Bonniebrook Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $214,704.80).

Middlesex Township

Larry and Darlene Letterio to Letterio Revocable Trust at 305 Overbrook Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $711,786.40).

NVR to Timothy and Amy Zorn at 1005 Hawkins Run Road for $885,706.

Muddy Creek Township

Butler Petroleum Corporation to 1674 Perry Highway at 1674 Perry Highway for $100,000.

Penn Township

Michael and Dana Scuticchio to Jason and Nicole Kuchta at Robinson Run Estates for $60,000.

Seven Fields

Rodney and Robin Applequist to Rodney and Robin Applequist, trustees, at 104 Bedford Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $516,306.60).

Jason and Carly Zucker to Lacey and Hope McGuire at 342 Highpoint Drive for $760,000.

Slippery Rock

Michael and Michele Perozzi to Jheng-Wun Su at 249 W. Water St. for $87,000.

Nicholas Calderone to Matthew Cooney at 342 W. Cooper St. for $315,000.

Summit Township

John Green and June Helch to Carrie and Bryan Werner at 681 Herman Road for $250,000.

Winfield Township

Trisha Shank-Campbell to Lane Marshall and Heather Ranft at 485 Marwood Road for $450,000.


Alexandra and Matthew Springer to Hailea Robick at 506 W. New Castle St. for $302,000.

John Copeland to Will Weller Properties at 105 N. Oliver Ave. for $137,500.

Karen and Robert Stubenbort Jr. to Camila and Michael Cadigan at 300 Furnace Drive for $356,000.

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