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Butler Farm Show Results: Home-Produced Products

The following are first place winners from the Butler Farm Show.


QUICK BREAD - BISCUITS, Ruth Monnie, Butler

QUICK BREAD - CORN BREAD, Michele Rager, Vandergrift

QUICK BREAD - FRUIT BREAD, Carla Dietz, Portersville

QUICK BREAD - MUFFINS, Carissa Spencer, Butler

QUICK BREAD - NUT BREAD, Ruth Ann Michel, Renfrew

QUICK BREAD - ZUCCHINI BREAD, Carla Dietz, Portersville,

QUICK BREAD - ANY OTHER, Ruth Ann Michel, Renfrew

YEAST BREAD - WHITE, Theresa M. Piroch, Butler

YEAST BREAD - WHOLE WHEAT, Arleen McCurdy, Prospect

YEAST BREAD - ANY OTHER, Jillian Hughes, Cabot

YEAST ROLLS - CINNAMON, Jennifer McConnell, Petrolia

YEAST ROLLS - WHITE, Ruth Monnie, Butler

YEAST ROLLS - BASKET, Tara Terwilliger, Slippery Rock

CAKE - CHOCOLATE LAYERED, Wendy Simmons, Butler

CUPCAKES, Chase Black, Butler

COFFEE CAKE, Beverly Karns, Butler

CAKE - DECORATED, Brittany Kennedy, Mars

EGG CAKE - ANGEL FOOD, Bryan Hoover, Punxsutawney

CANDY - CHOCOLATE COVERED, Michele Rager, Vandergrift

CANDY - FUDGE, Kim Baker, Butler

CANDY - PEANUT BRITTLE, Ruth Ann Michel, Renfrew

CANDY - ANY OTHER, Beth Hickey, Portersville

BAR COOKIES, Kathy McCurdy, Butler

BROWNIES, Carissa Spencer, Butler

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, Michelle Maseth, Baden

DIABETIC COOKIES, Hunter Baxter, Gibsonia

DROP COOKIES, Taryn Thompson, Butler

FILLED COOKIES, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

MOLDED COOKIES, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

NO-BAKE COOKIES, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

PRESSED COOKIES, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

ROLLED COOKIES, Jennifer McConnell, Petrolia

SLICED COOKIES, Tina Rossi, Butler

COOKIES - ANY OTHER, Wendy Simmons, Butler

GLUTEN FREE COOKIES, Michele Rager, Vandergrift

BERRY PIE, Eleda Swank, Butler

ANY OTHER 2-CRUSTED PIE, Lynnette Patton, Prospect


QUICK BREAD, Anthony Elder, Butler

YEAST ROLLS, Tim Cichra, Renfrew

COOKIES, Adam Drake, Slippery Rock

PIE, Ryan Formica, Butler

ANY CANNED FRUIT, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

ANY CANNED VEGETABLE, Chris Michel, Renfrew


APPLESAUCE, Diane Hughes, Saxonburg

BLACKBERRIES, Diane Marburger, Evans City

BLUEBERRIES, Diane Marburger, Evans City

DARK CHERRIES, Laura Bloom, Butler

RED CHERRIES, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

GRAPES, Laura Bloom, Butler

PEACHES, John Demarco, Saxonburg

PEARS, John Bennetti, Butler

RED RASPBERRIES, Diane Marburger, Evans City

GREEN BEANS, Vicki Hefferan, Butler

YELLOW BEANS, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

BEETS, Bryan Hoover, Punxsutawney

CARROTS, Vicki Hefferan, Butler

CORN, Karen McKnight, Harrisville

SAUERKRAUT, Richard Buechele, Cranberry Township

TOMATOES - STEWED, Donna Frazier, Butler

TOMATOES - CRUSHED, Rose Spithaler, Evans City

TOMATO SOUP, Karen McKnight, Harrisville

CANNED VEGETABLE - ANY OTHER, Harvey Scott, West Sunbury

BROTH, Carol Feazell, Butler

CANNED CHICKEN, Jessi Trimble-Rager, Butler

CANNED VENISON, Joyce Cranmer, Butler

APPLE JUICE, Carissa Spencer, Butler

GRAPE JUICE, Karen McKnight, Harrisville

TOMATO JUICE, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

JUICE - ANY OTHER, Karen McKnight, Harrisville

PICKLED BEANS, Jessi Trimble-Rager, Butler

PICKLED BEETS, Vicki Hefferan, Butler

BREAD/BUTTER PICKLES, Margaret Wilhite, Prospect

DILL PICKLES - HAMBURGER CHIPS, Lexi Wagner, Connoquenessing

DILL PICKLES - SPEARS, Ronald McConnell, Butler

DILL PICKLES - WHOLE, John Paserba, Cranberry Township


SWEET PICKLES, Ronald McConnell, Butler

PICKLED PEPPERS, David Duke, East Butler

PICKLES - ANY OTHER, Lisa Miller, Slippery Rock

APPLE PIE FILLING, Lynda Christy, Hilliards

CHERRY PIE FILLING, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

PEACH PIE FILLING, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

ANY OTHER PIE FILLIN, Belinda McGuire, Valencia

CORN RELISH, Heather Michel, Renfrew

CUCUMBER RELISH, Chris Michel, Renfrew

PEPPER RELISH, Bryan Hoover, Punxsutawney

ANY OTHER RELISH, Rose Spithaler, Evans City

BARBEQUE SAUCE, Tina Letcher, Butler

CHILI SAUCE, Lynnette Patton, Prospect

HOT MUSTARD, Carol Heckert, Butler

PIZZA SAUCE, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

SALSA, Lynnette Patton, Prospect

SPAGHETTI SAUCE, Aggie Bennetti, Butler

TOMATO SAUCE, Charlie Hartle, Boyers

ANY OTHER SAUCE, Kimberly Buchanan, Harrisville

FRUIT VINEGAR, Bryan Hoover, Punxsutawney


APPLE BUTTER, Lynda Christy, Hilliards

PEACH BUTTER, Judith Edinboro, Butler

PEAR BUTTER, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

ANY OTHER BUTTER, Mary Ann Fleck, Karns City

APPLE JELLY, Donna Drake, Slippery Rock

BLACK OR BLUEBERRY JELLY, Bryan Hoover, Punxsutawney

CHERRY JELLY, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

ELDERBERRY JELLY, John Musko, Butler

GRAPE JELLY, Paula Miller, Butler

MINT JELLY, Mary Ann Fleck, Karns City

PEACH JELLY, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

STRAWBERRY JELLY, John Paserba, Cranberry Township


RED RASPBERRY JELLY, Maria Worst, Butler

ANY OTHER JELLY, Belinda McGuire, Valencia

BLACKBERRY JAM, Diane Marburger, Evans City

BLUEBERRY JAM, Sue Boarts, Butler

CHERRY JAM, John Paserba, Cranberry Township

PEACH JAM, Diane Marburger, Evans City

RED RASPBERRY JAM, John Musko, Butler

STRAWBERRY JAM, Judith Edinboro, Butler

ANY OTHER JAM, Belinda McGuire, Valencia

MARMALADE, Mary Ann Fleck, Karns City

CHERRY PRESERVES, John Musko, Butler

PEACH PRESERVES, Cassie Wood, East Butler

ANY OTHER PRESERVES, Cassie Wood, East Butler

FRUIT SYRUP, Maria Worst, Butler

MAPLE SYRUP, Vince Coyle, Prospect


BAKED GOODS, Bobbi Wotus, Butler

CANNED GOODS, Pamela McConnell, Volant

BAKED & CANNED, Diane Marburger, Evans City

BUTTERS, JAMS, JELLIES, Diane Marburger, Evans City

BATH SET, Yogi Samuel, Butler

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