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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from July 10 to 14:

Adams Township

Adams Pointe to Celeste Peterson at 208 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $205,000.

R. Bruce Mensch to A&G Real Estate Holdings at 116 Hutchman Road for $480,000.

Donald and Carole Jones to Nathaniel and Ashleigh Nix at 203 Oak Leaf Drive for $575,000.

Robert and Teri Ochs to Robert and Teri Ochs, trustees, at 713 Bush Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $329,331.20).

NVR to Sarat Muppala and Bhavya Subramaniam at 302 Crest Lane for $667,345.

Mary Marten to Judith Baughman and Richard Jordan at 8113 Lost Valley Drive for $359,900.

David and Melissa Lauteri to Bernard Hibbitts at 1059 W. Grove Court for $885,000.

Jack and Tammy Smith to Robert and Anna Starr at 3101 Ambassador Lane for $441,000.

Buffalo Township

Paul and Shari Hudak to William and Katherine Johnson at 158 Heathfield Drive for $445,000.

David and Sandra Rapp to Timothy and Annette Miller at 434 Sawmill Run Road for $75,000.


Glenn and Rita Riggs to Shawn and Patty Bowser at 97 Patterson Ave. for $110,000.

Kyle and Briana Beveridge and Ryan and Heidi Beveridge to Matthew Gunn at 421 Franklin St. for $137,000.

Leah Widmeyer to Hallie Edwards at 531 Carbon St. for $79,000.

Joseph Lutz to Colleen and William Swarmer II at 415 Hansen Ave. for $300,000.

Jeffery and Linda Oesterling to Jennifer Easley at 431 W. Wayne St. for $58,000.

David Anderson to Dylan Snyder and Thomas Snyder at 420 E. Pearl St. for $50,000.

Barger House to Home to Jacob George at 461 Zeigler Ave. for $167,000.

Joyce Buchanan, Arlene Singer and Thomas Singer, co-trustees, to Joyce Buchanan at 318 Third St. for $1.

Robert and Sharon Schaffer to Paula and Richard Bowser Sr. at 400 Zeigler Ave. for $100,000.

Butler Township

Paul Winkler to Paula Winkler and David Hogue at September Drive for $1.

Donald and Deborah Mueller to Gary and Patricia Salerno at 120 Power Mill Run Road for $99,000.

Kelley Perdew to Robert and Kelley Abbott at 303 Stoneridge Blvd. for $188,000.

David and Sandra Rapp to Timothy and Annette Miller at Sawmill Run Road for $75,000.

Roy Marks Sr. to the George G. Aubrey Third Family at unknown address for $2,500.

Edward Matson to Mary Matson at 110 Alhambra Drive for $1.

Mary Matson to Zachery Birckbichler Sr. at 112 Alhambra Drive for $1.

Isabelle Squier to Donald and Mary Bevan at 462 Eberhart Road for $210,000.

Christina Child to Great Living at 207 Alameda Road for $230,000.

Center Township

George Smith to Emily and Christopher Green at 120 La Ray Drive for $305,000.

Nicholas Sprowl and Lori Duerring to Robert Steiner at 242 Oberlin Drive for $260,000.

Nancy Renick and Melvin Grossman to Shea Albrecht at 650 West Sunbury Road for $1.

Nancy Renick and Melvin Grossman to Justin Grossman at 236 Jamisonville Road for $1.


John Hagan and Michael Hagan to Jessica Rumbaugh at 506 Main St. for $125,000.

Clay Township

Nancy Renick and Melvin Grossman to Shea Albrecht at 348 Byers Road for $1.

Nancy Renick and Melvin Grossman to Shea Albrecht at Byers Road for $1.

Clinton Township

Ruth Bates to Hay’s Heaven at 152 Glade Mills Road for $225,000.

Connoquenessing Township

Alignment Investments to Michael Law at Spring Valley Road for $1,700.

Jeffrey and Joanne Herold to Randall and Marianne Trzeciak at 130 Timberlee Drive for $637,000.

Cranberry Township

Michael and Nichol Gallup to William McCracken and Meagan Carpenter at 142 Kingston Ave. for $1,170,000.

21 Stockton Ridge to Anthony Custom Homes at Foxmoor Townhomes for $111,000.

Nicholas and Lauren Bonazza to Randee and Davis Baer at 600 Toftree Drive for $845,000.

Vance and Suzanne Rosenow to Vicky Oakley, trustee, at 538 Captain Lee Boss Way for $638,000.

Francis O’Connor and Kaylee Kenz to Nikolas Berry at 626 Sunset Circle for $229,500.

Eileen Sample to David Rose at 63 Ashford Drive for $283,000.

The Wright Family Revocable Living Trust to Courtney Montepara and Christopher Zombek at 121 Shady Oak Drive for $555,000.

Deborah Holliday to 3C’s Holdings at 305 Parade St. for $345,000.

Randall and Theresa Blackwood to Kurt Gesell and Natalie Andresky at 248 Saint Leonards Lane for $509,000.

Mohammad Sadeghi to John Brandtner at 2 Monmouth Drive for $230,000.

Seth Blizzard and Deanne Brooks to Paula Gatto at 1030 Cottonwood Court for $177,000.

Jeremy and Lesley Leeming to Woosuk Kim and Sunrei Kwen at 236 Eagle Drive for $369,000.

Donegal Township

Jesse Richards to Isaiah Lucas at 1217 Chicora Road for $270,000.

Marilyn Mourer to Dylan and Haley Mourer at 625 E. Slippery Rock Road for $1.

Evans City

Britley and Michael Cadman to Ryan Matthews at 320 Pattison St. for $255,000.

Colleen Sallot to Adam Carver and Laura Willoughby at 614 Van Buren St. for $340,000.

Fairview Township

Chimera Reo220-NR1 to Casandra Millward and Monty Millward at 315 Fairmont Road for $53,000.

Franklin Township

Emily and Craig Cicero to Trevor and Julie George at 114 Franklin Oaks Drive for $440,000.


William and Frances Schmidtke to Jennifer Kolb and Ben Martin at East of Pittsburgh Street for $417,500.


Naomi Hefferman to Anthony DeMarsh at 235 E. Washington St. for $189,500.

Jackson Township

Thomas and Jennifer Novitske to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 408 Prada Place for $600,000.

Sivakumaran Raman and Ronita Banerjee to Sara and Leonard Caric Jr. at 438 Isabella Court for $515,000.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 280 for $98,595.

Rebecca Rupp to William and Rhonda Wallace at 189 Jo Deener Road for $500,000.

Lancaster Township

NVR to Joan Wehner at 725 Celia Way for $367,335.

John Prisner Jr. to John Prisner Jr. Revocable Trust at 6122 Heatherfield Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $349,043.20).

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Lot 230 for $86,935.50.


Troy and Amy Shullick to Matthew Burg and Chantel Kirchner at 414 Beaver St. for $326,000.

James Wolfe to Cameron and Elizabeth McCauley at 204 Hook St. for $110,500.

Middlesex Township

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 108 for $183,000.

Mario and Gladys DeFrancisco to James Urso at 4008 Weatherburn Drive for $525,000.

Stephen and Sheryl Manning to Lindsay and Sean Phillips at 325 Overbrook Road for $887,000.

James Mueller to Mueller Family Real Estate Trust at 207 Chan Mowr Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $192,192).

Oakland Township

Jim and Nancy Enterprises to Karissa Burrous and Joshua Noel at 449 Chicora Road for $200,000.

Penn Township

Gwendolyn McDonald to Nathan Bartel and Shannon Barie at 6116 Monroe Road for $320,000.

Slippery Rock

Stephanie Joanis and Amaka Joanis to Wolf Creek Rentals at 215 N. Main St. for $129,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Timothy and Crystal Adamosky to Butler County at 372 Crestview Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $83,353.60).

West Liberty

Ragean Lee and Thomas Sanderson to James Sanderson at 111 Church Road for $225,000.

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