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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from May 7 to 13:

Adams Township

Scott Harbaugh and Christina Pottmeyer to Jenna Valenza and Daniel Crawford at 546 E. Vanderbilt Drive for $401,500.

Penn Acres to Infinity Homes at 222 Summit Acres for 185,000.

B3V Partners to Paul and Mary Byrnes at 306 Stately Court for $110,000.

Richard Montanti to Craig and Mary Wilson at 250 Adams Point Blvd. for $465,000.

Jennifer Colbert, Jennifer Hunt and Brooks Roorback to Dale and Barbara Senchak at 801 Strasburg Drive for $415,000.

Brady Township

Raymond and Kathleen Davis and James and Donna Davis to Judith and Edward Derrick Jr. at west of Prospect Road for $370,000.

Buffalo Township

Christopher and Paulette Breneman to Christopher Breneman and Ashley Breneman at 220 Ralston Road for $1.

F and H Property Development to Maronda Homes at Oak Creek Farms for $89,900.


Chad Broman to Chad and Francine Broman at 220 E. Muntz Ave. for $1.

Elizabeth Graham to Sun to Sand Property Group at 318 Virginia Ave. for $40,000.

Anant Balkaran and Biatta Sholosh to Joseph and Jacquelyn Gray Partnership at 126 Main St. for $360,000.

Down Hill to Aleta Barkley and Bryce Merryman at 517 Elm St. for $100,000.

Tiffany and Mark Kimmel to Michael Amato at 221 Cleveland St. for $86,600.

Michael Menchyk and Lisa McKinsey to Kristine Donaldson at 565 Third St. for $139,500.

Butler Township

William and Irene McCarrier to John and Karen McCarrier at 175 Evans Road for $1.

Robert and Mary Ryder to Tavis and Claudia Sadluski at 17 Penn Ave. for $55,000.

Cherry Township

Brian Skwirut to Ryan and Cienna Jenkins at 210 Pipestem Road for $370,000.

Cherry Valley

Sherburne and Ethel Jamison to Circle J. Farm Retreat at 139 Unity Road for $60,000.

Clay Township

Lexie and Daniel Graham to Jessica Wolf at 301 Euclid Road for $255,000.

Lori Spreng and Karen Steigerwald to Lori Spreng at Chutz Plan for $1.

Cranberry Township

Lara Guest to Michael Martin at 2746 Rochester Road for $649,000.

Shannon and Donald Perry Jr. to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at 14 Bradley Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $334,857).

Christopher and Cortney Striebig to Richard and Maria Berger at 709 Hartland Drive for $280,000.

Avis Grainger to Robert and Melody Veloz at 212 Amon St. for $374,500.

NVR to Pamela and Donald Shirey at 506 Nolan Circle for $418,500.

Andrew and Ann Snyder to Joshua and Rachel Kwiatkowki at 304 Hillcrest Drive for $565,750.

Forward Township

Bernard Weber Jr. to Brandon Beal at 118 Glenwood Ave. for $290,000.

Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Hidden Acres Lot 235 for $80,000.

Franklin Township

Donna Shannon to Diane Stiffy and Donald Hirt at 226 Rieger Road for $260,000.


Robert McCafferty and Jodi Branem to Brent and Sarah Klein at 714 Spring St. for $125,000.

Jackson Township

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 275 for $98,595.

NVR to Kemper and Alyssa May at 431 Sarjean Way for $495,333.

Trails at Harmony Junction to Maronda Homes at 263 Rylie Drive for $87,500.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trail Lot 331 for $96,120.

Lancaster Township

Debra and Charles Scott Jr. to Luke and Megan Orloff at 146 Community Center Drive for $1.

Norman and Margret Brawdy to the Brawdy Irrevocable Trust at 228 Arden Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $356,787.20).

NVR to Stacy and Charles Huthmaker Jr. at 756 Oliver St. for $346,465.

Mercer Township

Mary Maniecki, trustee, to Michael and Christina Bailey at Wick Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $19,430).

Middlesex Township

Daniel and Nicole Campbell to Bilal Bajwa and Kinza Kalair at 3023 Falcon Drive for $650,000.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Fieldstone Ridge Lot 220 for $176,500.

Hawkins Crest to NVR at Hawkins Crest Lot 125 for $183,000.

Muddy Creek Township

Tamra Hunt to Earl and Darla Hunt at 296 Stone Church Road for $195,000.

Priscilla Lawniczak to John Angiolillo at 1664 Perry Highway for $420,000.

Samuel and Breanna Sawyer to Kurt and Angela Krigar at 411 Stone Church Road for $430,000.

Penn Township

Brooke and Elizabeth Scott to Jeremiah and Hannah Jenkins at 502 Crisswell Road for $175,502.

Michael and Stacey Hickey to American International Relocation Solutions at 108 Primrose Circle for $505,000.


Laura and Ronald Berry to Jennifer Bechdel and John Maugle at 306 Main St. for $310,000.

Seven Fields

Infinity Custom Homes to James and Mileen Jurcak at 110 Enclave Drive for $880,485.

Angela and John Nickum Jr. to Scott Frankert and Natalie Richard at 707 Breckland Drive for $532,000.

Slippery Rock

Ilias and Beth Tsiris to TD Property Investment at 354 S. Main St. for $310,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Amir Mohammadi to John Cavaluchy and Tamara Cavaluchy, trustees, at 601 Slippery Rock Road for $574,000.

Washington Township

Edward and Shelby Smith to Edward and Shelby Smith and Edward Lewis Smith at Fairview Road for $1.

Randal and Pamela Smith et al. to Randall Smith, Richard Smith, Edward Smith and George Smith at 619 and 638 Bruin Road, 2335 Oneida Valley Road, 440 Hilliard Road for $1.

Worth Township

Renata Hall to Renata Hall Revocable Living Trust at 738 New Castle Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $362,278.40).

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