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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from May 1 to 6:

Adams Township

Arthur and Gloria Pollock to Arthur and Gloria Pollock, trustees, at 407 Appleridge Court for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $622,617.60).

James and Jennifer Jablonowski to Beatrice Ross at Kaufman Run Estates for $345,000.

Kenneth and Deborah Vail to Cranberry Real Estate Holdings at 244 Ridge Road for $300,000.

Lawrence and Diane Rogers to Stacey and Audrey Tracy at 1785 Constitution Blvd. for $463,500.

Ronald and Julie Garbutt to Justin and Kelly Kurpeikis at 306 Ridgeline Circle for $825,000.

Brittany and Brad Morocco to Connor Kasten and Kelsey Shampoe at 635 Village Green Blvd. for $329,500.

Jonathan and Stefani Boysel to Eureka Inc. at 529 Pine Bluff Drive for $522,528.

Michael Wolf, trustee, to Pablo Linzoain and I. Porter to 246 Mars Valencia Road for $127,800.

Adam Tamilia to Victoria Morando at 1003 Pointe View for $356,500.

Paul and Nancy Kopatich to American International Relocation Solutions at 134 Pearce Road for $1,045,000.

Gary McGovern and Randi Reuss to Davis Lazear and Jennifer Baldwin at for $370,000.

Earl Woodward III to Jacqueline and Earl Woodward III at 150 Horseshoe Drive for $1.

NVR to Hari Doppalapudi and Leela Arimilli at 123 Lupine Drive for $404,015.

Angshuman Patra and Debjani Baksi to Carlos Zilveti and Lorena Novasio at 1301 Pointe View Drive for $384,011.

Brady Township

William Daw Jr. to William Daw Jr. and William Daw III at Covert Road for $1.

Buffalo Township

Stanley Maliszewski to Eric Poole at 329 Primrose Drive for $240,000.

Cheryl Shick to Samantha and Brian Shick at unknown address for $65,000.


Big Housing Solutions to Dena Martinez at 251 Cottage Hill Ave. for $77,000.

Constance and Donald Swartzfeger II to Sarah Omstead and Evan Donnel at 807 E. Pearl St. for $225,000.

Jennifer Friestad to Eric Miller at 723 S. Main St. for $1.

Frank and Tracy Lefevre to Brent Smith and Jamie and Juan Diaz at 201 Mercer St. for $177,500.

Eric Miller to Eleanor Miller Real Estate Trust at 723 S. Main St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $119,539.20).

Christopher Gezovich to Megan Walbert at 116 Carnegie Ave. for $135,000.

Adrian and Cathie Hassler to Nicole and Brian McKenna at 206 Stewart St. for $31,000.

Perry and Faith Schneider to Jacqueline and Frank DeMaria III at 202 Horseshoe Drive for $389,000.

HS Priest Inc. to We Care Realty Group at 315 Center Ave. for $210,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Lisa Buchta at 1212 Sandy Ridge Drive for $463,705.

Butler Township

William Daw Jr. to William Daw Jr. and William Daw III at 114 Plateau St. for $1.

William Daw Jr. to William Daw Jr. and William Daw III at 116 Plateau St. for $1.

J. Deemer, William Deemer and Yolanda Deemer, co-trustees, to Jeffrey and Virginia Hoffman at Candleford Court for $64,500.

Sanabtga Rossi to Thomas Lutz at 227 Decatur Drive for $150,000.

HCM Properties to Kristin Hummer at 4164 Hopewell Ave. for $399,900.

Cody and Lauryn Risch to Derek Menzel and Emma Franzese at 121 Braethorn Drive for $285,000.

Carole Hall to David and Laura White at 229A Whitestown Village for $107,000.

Center Township

Bryan and Cynthia Cipoletti and Bonnie and Ernie Anderson to Bryan and Cynthia Cipoletti at 102 Windy Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $296,665.60).

Christopher and Kristy Leonard to Eric McDonald and Teona Tabatadze at 111 Jenny Drive for $345,000.

Christine Parker-Biagini to Christine Parker-Biagini and Deborah Curcio at 446 Sunset Drive for $1.

Cherry Township

Victoria Geisler to Aaron and Kyleigh Ayersman at 257 Hilltop Acre for $270,000.

Clay Township

Rose Weaver, trustee, to Jeffrey Lackey and Roxanne Lackey, trustees, at west of West Sunbury Road for $40,000.

Clearfield Township

Francis and Carolyn McGrady to Francis and Carolyn McGrady and Michael McGrady at 203 Hardwood Road for $1.

Cranberry Township

Vahini Katta and Sukumar Yandra at Succession Management at 307 Fawn Trail for $187,000.

Eric and Randy Jackson to Travis and Ashley Bissett at 147 Aberdeen Drive for $510,000.

Andrew and Sara Beneigh to Thompson North at 301 Smith Drive for $226,000.

Douglas and Kristi Cressman to James Dorko and Jennifer Gingerich at 817 Timberwood Drive for $360,000.

Rochester Road Investment to Charles Richardson at 715 England Road for $475,990.

Anthony DeFabio to Besim and Saranda Hysenaj at 222 Thornapple Lane for $349,250.

Donegal Township

Gary and Kimberly Northime to Cameron and Alexandra Lingler at Conerty Road for $1.

NVR to Martin Pelczarski at 305 Caledonia Place for $345,435.

Forward Township

Michael and Leanne Zilka to Michael and Leanne Zilka, trustees, at 283 Beacon Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $440,844.80).

Hayley and David Sheehan to Ali Sedwick at 107 Foxtail Court for $510,000.

Franklin Township

Russell and Donna Cawthorne to Getgo Portfolio III at 663 New Castle Road for $710,000.

James and Marjorie Pifer to James and Marjorie Pifer Trust at 7131 Fairway Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $345,945.60).

E&E Chestnut Developers to Kenneth Smith and Patricia Wenzel at 661 Woodhawk Lane for $364,900.


Tyler and Kayla Albert to Christopher Foster at 439 Houston Ave. for $132,000.

Jackson Township

Leo Wilson to Leo and Rebecca Wilson at 550 Ridge Road for $1.

Trails at Harmony Junction to Maronda Homes at 267 Rylie Drive for $87,500.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trail Residential Lot 308 for $96,120.

Seneca Trails to NVR at Seneca Trails Lot 277 for $98,595.

NVR to Atul and Arundhati Vaidya at 465 Sarjean Way for $576,130.

Harriet Valliant to Gary and Carol Napotnik at for $490,000.

JTC 1422 to DRB Group Mid-Atlantic at Affinity Drive for $432,000.

NVR to Tayler Wagner and Marissa Hartman at 463 Sarjean Way for $497,020.

Brener and Isabella Silva at 118 Burnside Drive for $589,900.

Lancaster Township

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 254 for $86,935.50.

NVR to Carley and Derek Lear at 314 Arden Drive for $374,620.

Catherine Crawford to Michael and Andrea Wheeler at Scenic Ridge Condominium for $407,500.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 340 for $87,000.

Jacob and Jennifer King to Daniel Hayden and Alissa Hill at 185 Camp Run Road for $479,900.

Marion Township

Gary and Krissy Helch to Leroy and Catherine Miller at 381 County Line Road for $340,000.

Middlesex Township

Robert and Anna Starr to Raymond Ames and Nancy Ames at 110 Thorn Drive for $551,000.

Howard Crowe Jr. to Howard Crowe Jr., trustee, at 116 Oak Hill Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $294,835.20).

Parker Township

Frank Ammer to Corey and Nicole Sutter at 430 Bruin Road for $60,000.

Penn Township

Michael and Dana Scuticchio to Charles and Vicki Prijatelj at Franks Towne Lane for $63,000.


Dorothy Weisberg, and Madea and Joshua Shoff to Laura Slaback at 126 Thomas Neil Lane for $300,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Walter and Patricia Adamczyk to Devin and Elizabeth McGuier at 118 Overlook Drive for $110,000.

Michael and Brianna Bognar to Richard Stack at 214 Weathervane Drive for $392,000.

Venango Township

Jacqueline Mackalica and John Mackalica Jr. to Keven Reynolds and Charles Reynolds at 175 Kelly Road for $70,000.

Leroy and Catherine Miller to Esther and Menno Miller Jr. at 3005 West Sunbury Road for $500,000.

Winfield Township

Myrna Montgomery to Myrna Montgomery and Lori Montgomery, co-trustees, at 264 Jones Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $315,740.40).

Lori Montgomery to Douglas and Gail Montgomery at 317 Keasey Road for $1.

Cellar Door Brewing to Lenzi Auto Sales at North Pike Road for $659,900.

Jennifer Mele to Abbey Shearer at 237 Clearfield Road for $30,000.


David and Diane Koegler to Roy Nesbitt and Karen Hungerford at 217 Beaver St. for $390,000.

Wayne and Marietta Reeb to Eric J. Lamm Trust Irrevocable Trust Agreement at Walnut Street for $85,000.

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