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Real Estate Transactions

These real estate transactions were recorded in Butler County from April 23 to 30:

Adams Township

NVR to Saurabh Joshi and Chaitali Raikar at 330 Crest Lane for $629,630.

Cythia Edinger to Stacey Schultz at 1111 Mars Evans City Road for $170,000.

John Budzinkay and Leda Kwadrat to Amy Anderson at 754 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $435,000.

Ashley and William Davis Jr. to Russell and Mary Cersosimo at 916 Champlain Place for $1,600,000.

Brady Township

Laurell and Joanne Large to Yours Mine & Ours Rentals at Hickory Hills Lane for $25,000.

Buffalo Township

Maronda Homes to Robert and Nancy Hamel at Ridgeview Estates for $329,990.

Edward and Tiffany Pemper to Caitlyn Wirkowski at 430 Bear Creek Road for $240,000.

Paula Kramer to Timothy Keller at 494 Edgewood Drive for $254,900.


Mark and Tiffany Kimmel to Matthew Carney at 209 American Ave. for $79,900.

AR Epshtein USA to Ashley Ritson at 615 2nd St. for $8,500.

Maria Doran to Dalton Jones at 208 Zeigler Ave. for $144,900.

Elvira Ansani to Richard Ansani at 814 New Castle St. for $20,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Michael and Allyson Borczyk at 241 Oak St. for $75,000.

Lisa Heller to Shelby Bobbert at unknown address for $54,000.

Butler Township

Joyce and John Brough Jr. to Peter Brough, trustee, at 333 S. Home Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $271,321.60).

Stephanie Kean to Brandon Batista at 306 S. Home Ave. for $175,000.

Joseph and Jackie Guadagni to Larry and JoAnn Gindville at 124 Braethorn Drive for $275,000.

Michael and Renee Conaway to Lori and Nicolas Sprowl at 114 Reiber Road for $335,000.

Charles and Donna Walter to Scott McNeil at 208 N. Duffy Road for $29,631.

Center Township

Terry and Mary Ogin to Michael Ogin and Maria Rea at Moore Road for $1.

Clay Township

Wesley and Lacey Litzenberg to Cody Flick at Helga Drive for $35,000.

Daniel Homison to Kayla Wick and Blake Saylor at 543 Claytonia Road for $100,000.

Stephanie and Neal Skibicki to Robert Sutton Jr. and Abigail Jolly at 318 Thompsontown Road for $153,000.

Brenda Baughman to Morgan Gilliland at 170 Euclid Road for $275,000.

Stephen and Barbara Tenney to Ross Tenney at 362 Claytonia Road for $1.

Clearfield Township

David and Megan Hill to Nicole Broman at 2910 Old Route 422 E. for $166,000.

Cranberry Township

Rochester Road Investment to Remi Feuillassier and Weilu Tan at 720 Withers Park Drive for $713,160.

A. Kissell and Jay Sneddon, co-trustees, to Kevin Cummings at 516 Chaparral Drive for $330,900.

Raymond Melder Sr., trustee, to John and Lauren Porter at 582 Joan St. for $255,000.

Carole Sanctis to Becky Pawar at 215 Bentbrook Circle for $420,000.

Rochester Road Investment to 713 England Road at 713 England Road for $479,990.

David and Cindy Moldovan to Jennifer Shults at 323 Cross Creek Drive for $392,000.

Stephanie Francesco D’Abarno Jr. to Lindsay and John Perko at 6997 Franklin Road for $695,000.

Robert and Nancy Stevenson to Alexander Polley and Vaness Kachulis at 404 Snowberry Lane for $472,500.

MR1422 to NVR at Park Place for $312,668.

Cheyenne Cenk to Ashley Eberhardt at 632 Sarah Drive for $225,000.

Brett and Julie DiNaples to Jeffrey and Melissa Ristway at 202 Chadwick Trail for $455,000.

William and Dashawnda Ross to Dainen Holler and Courtney Holler at 388 Central Drive for $225,000.

Maria Cortijo to Lynzy Groves at 841 Sunset Circle for $308,000.

Carol Stoner to Jessica DeLuca at 206 Boardwalk Drive for $415,000.

NVR to Vincent Mastrian and Katherine Patton at 309 Caledonia Place for $345,035.

NVR to Katherine Mortier and Veronica Mortier at 307 Caledonia Place for $331,770.

Pikewood Land Partners to Surendra and Himabindu Chirra at Laurel Point for $125,000.

Charles and Celeste Miller to Deborah and Robert Hoffman at 407 Deerfield Drive for $300,000.

Robert and Christina Lawlor to Bharat Bhushan to Nairita Roy at 180 Hampshire Drive for $463,000.

Forward Township

Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at Hidden Acres Lot 205 for $80,000.

Franklin Township

CMS West to A&M Franklin Development at Old Route 422 for $275,000.

Stonemor Pennsylvania to A&M Franklin Development at 828 New Castle Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $11,038.72).

Jackson Township

NVR to Merridith and Douglas Roth at 302 Blacktail Deer Lane for $505,355.

Newman Holdings to NVR at Foxwood Trail Residential Lot 329 for $96,120.

Joseph Scaramuzzo et al. to Ryan Giulliani at 180 Kaufman Road for $1.

Jefferson Township

Michael Saunders to Eleanore and Andrew Burd at 1115 Saxonburg Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $215,424).

Lancaster Township

Arden Development Partners to NVR at Arden Wood Residential Lot 358 for $87,000.

NVR to Kenneth Baker and Janice Pellatiro at 230 Arden Drive for $428,655.

NVR to John and Sharon Houvener at 234 Arden Drive for $415,775.

Joseph and Madison Stilson to Thomas Gapsky Sr. at 718 Celia Way for $355,000.

Middlesex Township

NVR to Lis Wasilewski at 4014 Cross Creek Circle for $799,180.

Forsythe Fields to NVR at Fieldstone Ridge Plan Lot 238 for $176,500.

David and Gretchen Bernardini to Amanda and Bill Massaro at 2045 Blackberry Lane for $509,000.

Muddy Creek Township

Harold Brown to Eileen Knight at 105 Sloan Lane for $400,000.

Oakland Township

Robert and Marsha Brown to Alyssa and Devin Hay at 699 Chicora Road for $150,000.

Tina Berteotti to David Meeder at 176 Woodcrest Road for $320,000.

Penn Township

Karen and Karl Bruch III to Karen and Karl Bruch III, Trustees at 119 Blackthorn Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $916,326.40).

Stephen and Wen Muck to Eric and Kristin Hoffman at 301 Dodds Road for $900,000.

Seven Fields

David and June Lloyd to Michael and Kathilyn Lipinski at 216 Sycamore Drive for $410,000.

Slippery Rock

Steven Bobbert to Brandon Enslen at 260 Water St. for $190,000.

Slippery Rock Township

Christopher and Amy Foster to Richard and Crystal Strother at 138 Brandman Estate for $323,200.

John and Steven Silver to Patrick and Linda Schiebel at 163 Mohawk Trail for $250,000.

Suzanne Butcher to SARB Investments at Ralston Estate for $1.

Washington Township

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Linda Weatherholt, trustee, at 742 Fairview Road for $44,500.

Winfield Township

George Ambrose to Donald and Lois Noullet, trustees, at Ambrose Lane for $1.

Howard Garvin and John Garvin to Garvin Auto Salvage at 121 Franklin Drive for $154,000.

Worth Township

Norma Rodgers to Sweet Water Developers at 1013 West Park Road for $100,000.


Carlos and Lee Salinas to Marliss Johnson and Brynn Johnson at 24 Zelie Drive for $301,000.

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