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We need to do better

My uncle, Ron Zinkham, passed away last week. For those that knew him, they know he dedicated his life to serving his community. He was also the mayor of Harmony and a decadeslong principal at Seneca Valley. I never heard anyone utter an unkind word about him, which is why I was surprised at the lack of representation at the viewing from the school district and the borough. As an educator, I am always aware about setting an example for my students and my own children.

Many people expressed their sympathies on Facebook. I’m not sure if this is where we came due to COVID, or just as a society in general. Facebook is great if you are out of town, but I would still suggest a more personal and meaningful outreach to the family.

I see a lot of editorials blaming politicians or using the economy for an excuse for everything in the world, but I think we really need to look at ourselves and take some accountability for our own actions. We need to realize that we are molding our next generation, not our politicians. We need to set good examples and do the right thing, so our children see this.

We need to volunteer and respect one another and then pay our respects to those who have given us so much. My Uncle Ron would have expected as much from his community. It’s time for us to do better.

Paula Webb,


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